Easter Thoughts, Crafts, Decorations…

Hello my Lovelies!

I adore Easter. I have been spending much of my time making Easter Decorations, prepping Easter foods, searching stores for Easter decorations and teaching my children about Jesus dying on the cross and rising again for the sins of everyone in the whole world.

A couple of years ago I decided that we don’t, as a family, give Easter half the attention it deserves (you can read more about that journey here on my post 12 Ways to Prepare for Easter) and I’ve endeavored to make Easter more important year by year. I have always struggled to find nice Easter decorations in stores, so I started making my own, like the Burlap Cross Wall Hanging and Marbled Easter Eggs. I look year-round for spring or Easter decorations that I can add to my very small but growing Easter décor collection. In the fall I found adorable little spring animal mugs at our local apple orchard (pictured below), as well as a swedish dishcloth with a sheep on it (which we use all the time, so it’s way too dirty-looking and stained to be put on my blog 🙄). So imagine my astonishment when I entered Winners and Homesense at the beginning of February to discover a HUGE selection of Easter merchandise! I didn’t think to remember or save the prices, but I’ve given my best guess. Take a look!

The beaded Easter Bunny and flower wreath ears picture above I got from Homesense. I think it was $12.99.

This Easter Bunny candy dish is from Walmart (about $7.99). I got candy from the Bulk Barn, but my husband is a candy fiend, so it empties remarkable quickly. I was kind of annoyed because, beyond spending a fortune keeping it stocked, it looks kind of dumb and neglected when it’s empty. So I used my Cricut and some adhesive vinyl to write, “Don’t worry! The tomb was empty too!” I like it, but my sister thought it might be blasphemous. 🤷‍♀️

These are the mugs from our local apple orchard. Aren’t they adorable? They are called Wrendale by artist Hannah Dale and sold through Royal Warcester. They can also be purchased on Amazon.

The rabbit shaped plate (about $7.99), the plate with the rabbit (about $5.99) and the carrot plate (about $3.99) are all from Walmart. And I love them.

I made this banner last year, but I don’t think I showed it to you. I got the palm branches from Amazon and cut out the letters from thick shiny gold cardstock with my Cricut. I used a hole punch to put holes in the leaves to thread the twine though. So simple, but really bold and beautiful…if I do say so myself.

This sign uses a cool technique that I saw on Pinterest. You cut the canvas off of the wooden frame and then staple it to the back, giving it a frame. Brilliant, eh? I got the rabbit ear picture from my free trial of Cricut Access and added the text to the bottom. I used adhesive vinyl for it. I also made a tea towel with the same design on a 100% cotton tea towel and heat transfer (iron-on) vinyl.

We are preparing for Passover today, making matzah and charoset (see these posts on how to host a Christian Passover Part One Part Two) and I just finished making a Passover Seder Meal blessing cheat sheet. Usually my husband and I just say everything, but this year we’re going to get the kids to read the blessings with us because all three can, or are learning how to, read. This sheet gives an overview of the order of events in the Seder, and also has everything that the guests have to recite. For the free printable download just click the “Download” button below.

It is my passion to get people excited about Easter, and if you’re new here and enjoyed this post, please check out my other Easter posts:

It’s my prayer that you have time and inclination to prepare your heart for Easter Weekend, and that you’re able to attend a Good Friday and Easter Sunday service. What a joy it is to rejoice with others the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about what Jesus has done for you click on the “About Me” section of But First We Craft or reach out to me on the “Contact Me” page.

Happy Easter!


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