Easter Thoughts, Crafts, Decorations…

Hello my Lovelies! I adore Easter. I have been spending much of my time making Easter Decorations, prepping Easter foods, searching stores for Easter decorations and teaching my children about Jesus dying on the cross and rising again for the sins of everyone in the whole world. A couple of years ago I decided that … Continue reading Easter Thoughts, Crafts, Decorations…


Laundry Wars – Make Chores Fun!

New Year, New Habits! Seven months before my husband and I decided to switch from public school to homeschooling I sat on a beach in Florida and talked with a lovely stranger, a mom of seven who homeschools, and told her that I would never ever homeschool. I told her she was crazy. Although, she … Continue reading Laundry Wars – Make Chores Fun!

Christmas Crafting with Your Cricut

Do you know what I love about having a Cricut? I can make gorgeous personalized gifts. I can MAKE gifts that other people pay full price for. I love using my Cricut to make gifts, and I love when people look at me, shocked that I'm able to create that by myself...okay, with my Cricut's … Continue reading Christmas Crafting with Your Cricut

The Christmas Shoppe – But First We Craft

Welcome to my But First We Craft Shop! Merry Christmas! Here you'll find find my new obsessions: handcrafted earrings and cozy, funny Roots socks! I've carefully curated my Christmas shop, and I really hope you find something perfect for the women in your life. To order these earrings please send me a private message through … Continue reading The Christmas Shoppe – But First We Craft

Art Supply Organizer – Homeschool Organizer!

I have been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to get all the clutter out of our homeschool cupboard. We have the bottom of our china cabinet that we use exclusively for our daily homeschool things: reading curriculum, devotional, printing books, math curriculum, clipboards, headphones, markers, pencil crayons, glue sticks and sundry, I could go on and on. … Continue reading Art Supply Organizer – Homeschool Organizer!

DIY Sleeping Cap

Every Friday night my family has Friday Night Family Movie Night Supper Downstairs. Seriously, that's what we call it. My kids will say, "Is tonight Friday Night Family Movie Night Supper Downstairs?" It's quite the mouthful, and was especially cute when my son couldn't yet speak properly and would call it "Friday Night Family Movie … Continue reading DIY Sleeping Cap

Reading Incentive Basket

Help your kids WANT to read!! So it's summer holidays in our house (WOOHOO!) and I couldn't be more excited! I am always concerned about how to make my children read over school breaks especially because, since we homeschool, reading can really feel like school. My son has been a struggling reader for many years, … Continue reading Reading Incentive Basket

What do Moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

Photo by Katie E on Pexels.com Dear Reader, Do you struggle to come up with the perfect Mother's Day gift for your Mom? Or a Mother's Day gift from your children to their Mom? Do you wonder what exactly a Mom wants for Mother's Day? Well, dear Reader, I wondered too. So I undertook to … Continue reading What do Moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day?