Have a Very Harry Christmas!

If you haven't caught on to this very important fact, I am obsessed with Harry Potter. Totally obsessed; the quintessential "Potterhead." So, naturally, I need to bring Harry Potter into the Christmas part of my life. Last year for Christmas I made this ornament set for myself, my son's teacher, my niece and my brother, … Continue reading Have a Very Harry Christmas!

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Figurines

Christmas is in the air at my house! We're listening to Christmas music, baking Christmas cookies and making Christmas crafts! This week we made Toilet Paper Roll Figurines. I was so happy with how these turned out! (Shout out to our AMAZING babysitter who took the brunt of the work by doing the painting with … Continue reading Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Figurines

Last-Minute Halloween Activities

So you've checked out our Last-Minute Halloween Costumes and our Last-Minute Halloween Decorations. Now it's time for our Last-Minute Halloween Activities. These can be done very quickly with common craft supplies! And it's a good thing too, because Halloween is TOMORROW!! Yay!  Colouring Contest: Supplies: Markers, pencil crayons and/or crayons Printer Paper Computer Printer Instructions: Choose a Halloween colouring  … Continue reading Last-Minute Halloween Activities

Bonus Post! Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

It's only 4 days until Halloween! You've finished your Last Minute Halloween Decorations, but now you need costumes! The good news is that kids have exceptional imaginations, so they don't need anything too fancy. There are plenty of DIY costumes that don't take much work- or much money- to pull together. This afternoon my kids and … Continue reading Bonus Post! Last Minute Halloween Costumes!