Free Printable Valentine Cards

Happy Valentine's Day! My kids love Valentine's Day. I never used to, in fact, my husband and I pretty much ignored its existence. But now (thanks in large part to Covid lockdowns) I think that we need to take every opportunity to make special days for our families, and to tell each other "I love … Continue reading Free Printable Valentine Cards


Easter Thoughts, Crafts, Decorations…

Hello my Lovelies! I adore Easter. I have been spending much of my time making Easter Decorations, prepping Easter foods, searching stores for Easter decorations and teaching my children about Jesus dying on the cross and rising again for the sins of everyone in the whole world. A couple of years ago I decided that … Continue reading Easter Thoughts, Crafts, Decorations…

New Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Happy Valentine's Day!! I never really cared much for Valentine's Day in the past, but with all that's going on in the world, it's nice to have an excuse to celebrate, and change the pace of a week. So here we are anticipating Valentine's Day! My kids have three Valentine's Day parties in the next … Continue reading New Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Laundry Wars – Make Chores Fun!

New Year, New Habits! Seven months before my husband and I decided to switch from public school to homeschooling I sat on a beach in Florida and talked with a lovely stranger, a mom of seven who homeschools, and told her that I would never ever homeschool. I told her she was crazy. Although, she … Continue reading Laundry Wars – Make Chores Fun!

Food Art for Kids

For Christmas last year my Mother-in-Law gave me the Book-To-Table Classics version of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. If you haven't heard of Book-to-Table Classics, each book (I believe they have made A Christmas Carol and Pride and Prejudice so far) contains the full novel interspersed with recipes from celebrity chefs. Each page is … Continue reading Food Art for Kids

Train Ride to the Countryside – Imaginative Play

A Tribute to My Nanny On Monday my precious Nanny passed away. Nanny was an amazing storyteller, and the number one subject we grandkids wanted to hear about was her own life. Nanny grew up in London, England in the 1930s, and when World War Two began she, along with her brother and sister, were … Continue reading Train Ride to the Countryside – Imaginative Play

School Year in Review -Free Printable

Tomorrow is our last day of school - WOOHOO!!! I'm always excited for summer holidays, but this year it kind of crept up on me. I looked at the calendar one day and realized: We have seven days of school left. Let me tell you, that was thrilling. We homeschool, and typically it's awesome - … Continue reading School Year in Review -Free Printable

Father’s Day Personalized Mug Wrap – Free Printable!

Don't kids just say the funniest and cutest things? If you ask the right questions you can get amazing answers! I love to hear what my kids have to say about my husband and I, and Mother's and Father's Day are each an excellent opportunity to get a record of some of those little thoughts! … Continue reading Father’s Day Personalized Mug Wrap – Free Printable!

Free Mother’s Day Printable! Personalized Mug Wrap

Mother's Day! But First We Craft has got you covered with this adorable Free Printable Personalized Mug Wrap! All you have to do is download, print, help your precious little one(s) to fill it out and tape it around a mug when you're bringing Mommy her morning cup of tea or coffee! It's as simple as that. You will love the answers you get to these questions!