School Year in Review -Free Printable

Tomorrow is our last day of school – WOOHOO!!! I’m always excited for summer holidays, but this year it kind of crept up on me. I looked at the calendar one day and realized: We have seven days of school left. Let me tell you, that was thrilling. We homeschool, and typically it’s awesome – some real struggles, of course, but generally speaking homeschooling for us is awesome. This year, however, was tough. People always say to me that I’m lucky I homeschooled before all this lockdown, distancing chaos and, while I know that’s true, I also think that people think nothing has changed for homeschoolers. Well, it has. A lot. We usually get together with our homeschool co-op 26 Fridays out of the year for an entire morning. The knowledge, encouragement and wisdom of my homeschool mom friends has been a huge loss to me this year. Not being able to give my children a whole group of other kids to play with has been a huge loss. The lack of church, Bible kids programs, sleepovers and visits with grandparents, minimal activities like swimming lessons, I have rarely even been able to take my children to the store or the library…I could go on and on. This year has been very hard. I’m very glad it’s over, and I’m afraid what next fall will bring. Even just this week has been hard. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Wow, what a depressing post. Sorry. The good news for my little family is: SCHOOL IS OVER!!! Let’s get to the happy part of this post…

One of my homeschool co-op mom friends told me that when her children were younger they would put on an end of year presentation for their grandparents (I may be going into too much detail here. Hold on for the ride, we’ll get to the free printable!). They would play their instruments, recite poetry, display some of their work and certificates and bake a pie each. I thought this was such a brilliant idea (see how invaluable COMMUNITY is??).

So this weekend my children will be putting on an end of year “concert” for my parents. They are all going to play the piano, sing a song, recite a poem, recite some Bible verses, have their own display board…no pies, though🤷‍♀️. We’ve all been working very hard on it, and we’re so excited! The kids have even come up with costumes to go with their poems.

Included on their display board will be a little year-end summary (see? here we are! 😉). The older two (grade 4 and SK) read and wrote their own answers (with spelling help from me), and then I filled in the JK’s answers. We filled in half today, and we’ll do the other half tomorrow (and count it as printing🙌), and assemble our boards. I thought you guys might like this printable, too, because it’s a nice record of how your children were feeling at the end of the year.

Some questions include:

  • My favourite subject is:
  • I loved learning about:
  • The hardest part about school is:
  • I’m really good at:
  • Next year I want to learn about:
  • I want to get better at:

and some questions about their current favourites.

It was really fun to go through these questions with my kids. It was also enlightening. We got ideas for things to study next year, and one thing that I thought was awesome is that my son, who struggles with reading but is FINALLY getting it said, “I’m really good at: reading.” What a victory and encouragement!! This whole activity was worth it for that answer.

So, without further ado or anecdote and background information here is (DA-DA-DAAAA) my 2020-2021 School in Review Free Printable!

*Update! I’ve changed the printable so you can fill in your own years. 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025… you get the idea!

To print it, all you have to do is click here:

I also told my big two that I’m going to keep this piece of paper until they’re adults, and they’ll look at them and say either, “Wow! I was such a messy printer” or “Wow! I was such an awesome printer!” and that REALLY improved the quality of work, and the frequency of eraser use!

If you like this idea and are looking for other end of year ideas you should definitely check out my post “Last Day of School Pictures,” which was not my idea at all, but my brilliant sister’s.

To all of you other parents who are s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g to the end YOU CAN DO IT!! And you can commiserate to me in the comments or a private message😏!


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