Free Printable Valentine Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My kids love Valentine’s Day. I never used to, in fact, my husband and I pretty much ignored its existence. But now (thanks in large part to Covid lockdowns) I think that we need to take every opportunity to make special days for our families, and to tell each other “I love you.” Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to do that. It’s such a beautiful holiday – especially in its origins.

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of a man named Valentine, who lived when Claudius II outlawed marriage? Valentine didn’t obey Claudius, and instead married couples in secret. I’m very happily married (👱‍♀️💗👱‍♂️), so I’m thankful that someone would stand up for marriage and the family. It’s especially brave when you realize that it didn’t affect Valentine personally. At the time the law was put into effect, he wasn’t married, or even dating … umm … what word would they have used back then? Betrothed? Sadly, he was executed by order of Emperor Claudius on February 14th, in about 270 A.D..

So, every Valentine’s Day we celebrate! You can check out how we spend our day by clicking on this link: Our Family Valentine’s Day. There are so many fun, cheap and EASY ways that you can make Valentine’s Day special for you family!

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards:

Every year I try to make new Valentine’s Day Cards for my kids. I hate the thought of spending money on those silly little cards, so I make silly little cards instead. I’m not sure what made me think of doing fruits and veggies this year, but they loved them notwithstanding. So here they are for you, too! You can download them by clicking on this link:

What’s your opinion on puns?

I grew up in a home FULL to bursting of puns. That upbringing has served me well. As you can plainly see ⬆. 😆. Can you come up with more puns? And no, not all of these are original – 🤔 I should have asked my Dad.

  • Beet: Valentine, you can’t be beat!
  • Tomato: I love you from my head to-my-toes
  • Peach: Valentine’s you’re peachy!
  • Pear: We make a super pear!
  • Lettuce: Lettuce be Valentines!
  • Berries: You are berry special!
  • Peas in a pod: Valentine, will you peas be mine?
  • Nuts: Valentine, I’m nuts about you!

Which is your favourite? Can you come up with some more?

More Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards!

Here at But First We Craft we have lots of Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards.

Just click on the links to get to the right page!

Free Printable Colouring Valentine’s Day Cards

Free Printable Cute Valentines

Free Printable Cute Animal Valentine’s Day Cards

I hope you have a very special Valentine’s Day. I hope that you can make someone else feel special, too. Do you notice that when you do something kind or thoughtful for someone it makes you feel better, happier, more cheerful, too? Try it out, and let’s see if we can make this Valentine’s Day extra special!

The greatest happiness in the world is to make others happy.

Luther Burbank

Happy Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Free Printable Valentine Cards

  1. Elizabeth McNaull says:

    This was a nice surprise in my email!

    Back at it woot woot! I enjoyed reading all about Valentine’s Days past as well 😊 I’m gonna print some of the printables – you have so many good ones!

    Love you ❤️



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