Free Printable Valentines!

These Valentines are NEW for 2020!

Original art work!

Easy to print and colour!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Just two days away…if this is coming as a shock to you, and your children are not prepared: Never Fear! I have the solution, and the best news is: it’s free, easy and creative, giving your children’s Valentine Cards a personal touch.Or maybe you are wanting to save money on Valentine Cards this year. You can focus on the “Free Printable” part of this first paragraph!

So here’s how it all came about: my friend Janet draws the most adorable pictures of animals using doodle art, and she just does it for fun, and to relax. I asked her if she would mind drawing some Valentines cards for me to put up on But First We Craft to share with you guys! She said she’d be happy to! The problem is I thought of it a little late, giving you only two evenings to colour them. So this post may be for all you procrastinators out there! So, with no more ado, here are the Free Printable Valentine’s Day cards:

To download these free printable Valentines click “Download” here:

For the best printing job, print these Valentines on white card stock. Once you’ve printed your Valentines, just break out your favourite markers, crayons or pencil crayons and colour them!

After they’re coloured cut them out, write who they’re from and to on the back, and put them in a sandwich bag to take to school, your Valentine’s Day party, or your homeschool co-op (which is where we’re taking ours). *Helpful Tip: (this is not my own idea) When my son was in SK at school his teachers asked that the children write “To You. From Child’s name” on the back of the cards, instead of putting the name of each child. This helped them to hand the cards out more quickly as each card could go in any Valentine Bag. This may not be necessary in the older grades, but it certainly helps out the little ones.

I didn’t get any pictures of my son colouring them, but he loved them too. He’d pick one and say, “This is my favourite!” then he’d turn to the next one, “No! This one’s my favourite!” on and on.

About the Artist:

Thank you, Janet, for sharing your art with us! My family certainly had a lot of fun colouring and writing on them. And I certainly wouldn’t have been able to make this type of Valentine card without you!

We made our own Valentines last year, too. These are more crafting, but some still have colouring. For that tutorial please click here: DIY Valentine Cards. These Valentines are designed for the littlest kids to be able to make beautiful Valentines by themselves, but older children will be engaged in making them, too! If you make these Free Printable Valentines Day cards, or if you make the DIY Valentine Cards for kids let us know how it went! We’d love to see pictures. Also, if you colour these Valentines, tell Janet what you think. I’ll be sure to pass any comments her way! Happy Valentines Day!


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