2019 – A Blog in Review

Dear Visitors, Friends and Followers,

I’m going to tell you a bit about my blogging experience this past year. 2019 was an all-around great year for me. We completed our first year of homeschooling, and began our second. My oldest daughter started JK this year, and my son started grade 3. My youngest daughter is 3, and she does her “schoolwork” (a Preschool workbook and a sticker book) every day, working just as hard as the other two!

I really cut back on my piano and voice teaching this year, giving me more time to homeschool. Last year I really used these lessons as a way to get a break, but as the year progressed I didn’t need the time off as much. We really got into a rhythm, the kids became more independent, helpful, and able to play for hours together.

Note the bag of antibiotics on the table!
We’ve needed 3 prescriptions for 2 kids already this winter!

When I started this blog my goal was to post weekly, but not to the point of stress. I felt I had a lot to share, and I really enjoyed doing it. About November this past year I got into this terrible habit of leaving my blogging to the last minute, which meant I was spending Thursday evenings blogging instead of spending time with my family. I’d say, “I have to finish this so it can go up tomorrow morning.” Finally, my brilliant husband said, “You say you ‘have to’ finish this. Why? Why can’t you post it on Saturday?” Hmm…Of course I can post it on Saturday. I never thought of that. If I spent tomorrow’s quiet time blogging, then I could sit with my husband and son and watch part of Lord of the Rings (my son’s current obsession) with them. What a better use of time. So that helped me to put things back into their proper order. You may (or may not) have noticed that my posts don’t come out at 7 a. m. on Friday mornings anymore. And I’m okay with that. I hope that you’re okay with that too (but honestly don’t mind either way!).

The Blog Stats

We’ll start off with the numbers! I began But First We Craft in April of 2018. That year I had 604 visitors, 1981 views, 29 likes and 40 comments. In 2019 I had 1886 visitors, 2977 views, 101 likes and 51 comments. I would really like to see more comments, so if you see something you like please tell me! If you have questions, please ask me! It doesn’t take long to sign up to comment.

It’s been so interesting seeing people from so many countries! I reached my 50th country (Fiji) in November, which was pretty cool, and now (in February) we’re at 55, having added Jordan, Argentina, Ukraine, Poland…and I can’t remember the last one! By far, most views are from Canada (thank you, my home and native land!), with the US more than 600 views behind. And in third place is Germany, bless you (or should have I said ‘gesundheit’?🤭), at 49 views.

Instagram Favourites

Here are the most liked images on the But First We Craft Instagram feed. If you don’t follow me on Instagram yet I’d love to have you join us!




This post is related to our Berenstain Bears Party

Facebook Faves

Here are the posts that have gotten the largest reach on Facebook.

1. Mermaid Party

2. 2018 –A Blog in Review

3. Cowboy Party

Top Website Posts

These are the top three post views on But First We Craft:

1. DIY Dry Erase Board

2. A Blog in Review

I’ll give you a bonus one since we’ve already seen this one!

3. DIY Look What We Made Sign

4. 40th Wedding Anniversary Party

Top Pinterest Pins

Okay, this is so exciting for me! I had another pin go crazy this year! Last year the pin that went crazy was Christmas Cookie Decorating for the Family:

This post, at its height, had been seen over 1k times.

This year it’s DIY Dry Erase Board from a Picture Frame:

This post, at its height (and it’s still climbing!), has been seen 3.3k times!!

I’m still not making any money off of my blog, which is something that would be very handy. I attempted to become an Amazon Associate, but I don’t have enough traffic yet. If you’re a dedicated But First We Craft-er, please spread the word! Share, like and comment! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Thanks for reading what I write, and trying out my crafts!




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