The Family Chop

Get the Whole Fam in on Meal Prep! Photo by Pixabay on I think it's important that we teach our kids how to help out at home. We need to prepare them for the life ahead of them, and while it takes way longer and is never done the way we want it, we … Continue reading The Family Chop

Free Printable Easter Trivia

Happy Easter! Only three more sleeps until Easter weekend, and my family couldn't be more excited! We're looking forward to going to church twice (including sharing communion!), having our Easter egg hunt (including resurrection eggs), eating special foods (including our Rice Krispie Eggs - stay tuned!), celebrating Passover (check out this post and then this … Continue reading Free Printable Easter Trivia

12 Ways to Prepare for Easter

Hi Guys! Today we're going to talk about preparing yourself and your family for Easter. Have you ever paid much attention to the fact that we hardly give Easter any lead-up time at all? I remember taking my kids to church Easter Sunday when they were small(er) and I had done absolutely nothing to prepare … Continue reading 12 Ways to Prepare for Easter