Spy Codes for Kids!

I've been giving my kids codes to solve when I have an appointment I can't bring them to, while my husband works at home. These are so easy to throw together, and they keep the kids entertained for ages! Come take a look! Great for Preschool to great readers!

Berenstains Bears Birthday Party

My precious little three-year-old. For my daughter's third birthday she wanted a Berenstain Bears Party. I was shocked when I went on Pinterest and saw that there are so few Berenstain Bears parties! So I had to really think about this one. Another complication with this party is that I was SO UNMOTIVATED to have … Continue reading Berenstains Bears Birthday Party

40th Wedding Anniversary Party

These are my parents, Murray and Jackie. They are absolutely wonderful: generous, loving, kind, funny. This year was their 40th wedding anniversary. My siblings and I decided to have an anniversary party for them on a Sunday in August which was supposed to be my older sister's baby shower, (Check out a different baby shower … Continue reading 40th Wedding Anniversary Party