Movie Theatre at Home

Lockdown Fun for Families!

In March of 2021 my family was scheduled to have a vacation. The sad news was that here in Ontario we were under a lockdown. So my husband rearranged his schedule to have our vacation in May, once things had opened up. The sad news was that by then we were once again under lockdown. Rather than put off our vacation again we decided to have a staycation. We did lots of wonderful things, like buy a chiminea and have lots of fires, have a four course lobster dinner as if we were at a 5-star restaurant, go on lots of hikes and go to the movie theatre…at home.

We saved the movie theatre until one of the last nights, and didn’t tell the kids we were doing it until it was time. Then we called them to come to the movies. They were so surprised, and loved it!

Right now, again, we are in another lockdown. I thought maybe some of you could use some cheering up – and your kids almost certainly can. Hopefully this post will help you have something fun to do when there seems to be little fun to be had. It cost very little, and was such a blast, so let me show you how we made our DIY Home Movie Theatre Night!

Also, if you go to the end of this blog post you will find the free printable versions of most of the materials (tickets, popcorn bag labels, and signs) I used!

Let’s Go! On with the Show!

When we had our Home Movie Theatre Night we had just finished reading Roger Lancelyn Green’s Robin Hood (you can buy it on Amazon by clicking here) so we thought the 1952 live-action Disney version “The Story of Robin Hood” would be an excellent choice for the evening. So when the kids came to the stairs the first thing they saw was the movie poster that I made on PicMonkey.

When the children went downstairs to our Home Movie Theatre they came to the ticket booth, manned by my husband. We gave them all plastic coins, and they had to figure out how to spend their money.

Next was concessions. Because we were on holiday we kind of (okay, a lot) went overboard on concessions!

Once again the kids had to figure out how to spend their play money. They got one paper bag for candy and chocolate, and another for popcorn.

The Dollar Tree has really excellent popcorn bags, 10 for $1.25, but I couldn’t get any, so I made these labels (from Open Clip Art) and glued them onto paper bags. I think they look kind of stupid, but once again, the kids loved them.

Once we all had our Movie Theatre goodies (which took a shockingly long time! Math, am I right?) we sat down to watch our movie.

Now It’s Your Turn!

What are you doing this weekend? Family movie night? Please help yourself to the free family home movie theatre printables below – and tell me how your movie theatre goes! I love hearing from you!

Free Printable: Popcorn Bag Labels

Free Printable: Movie Theatre at Home Tickets

Free Printable: Concession Sign with Prices

Free Printable: Welcome to Holiday Cinemas Ticket Booth Sign

I hope this post has made you feel at least a little bit hopeful and excited. If you have other ideas for how to enjoy Lockdown with your family please share them with us in the comments.

I’m praying for you, my readers and friends, as we navigate these times❤.


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