How to Pack for a Successful Road Trip with Kids

Photo by Dauda Focus Kore on We recently returned from a family vacation in Florida. We drive down every year; our son was eight months old the first time we took him. The drive took about 18 hours this time, which we did in one day. We've also driven out to the east coast … Continue reading How to Pack for a Successful Road Trip with Kids

Berenstains Bears Birthday Party

My precious little three-year-old. For my daughter's third birthday she wanted a Berenstain Bears Party. I was shocked when I went on Pinterest and saw that there are so few Berenstain Bears parties! So I had to really think about this one. Another complication with this party is that I was SO UNMOTIVATED to have … Continue reading Berenstains Bears Birthday Party

40th Wedding Anniversary Party

These are my parents, Murray and Jackie. They are absolutely wonderful: generous, loving, kind, funny. This year was their 40th wedding anniversary. My siblings and I decided to have an anniversary party for them on a Sunday in August which was supposed to be my older sister's baby shower, (Check out a different baby shower … Continue reading 40th Wedding Anniversary Party