Chore Chart – Free Printable!

Blank Chart Available Too!

Sometimes it can be difficult for kids to remember all the things they need to do to get ready for their day. There are just so many things! Get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, brush your hair…and on and on it goes. Part of our jobs as Moms and Dads is to help them establish their routine. In the beginning it might not be a big deal to constantly remind them, but then, at least for me, I get really frustrated, “How can you not remember what you need to do? You do it every. single. day!”

Enter: The Chore Chart

This chore chart is so lovely, so easy to assemble and practical for the littlest hands to use. And it can be helpful for the earliest reader, and even non-reader! Before you know it, your child will be cheerfully doing all the things they need to do to get ready for school with little to no reminding. It’s true – breathe that sigh of relief!

I’ve made this free printable chore chart function in two ways:

  1. Have your child complete the chores in any order and put a character or butterfly on the correct toadstool to mark it as complete.
  2. Put the chores in the order you want them completed and have a character make his or her way up to the castle.

This whimsical storybook setting is so charming that it will bring a smile to any kid! I’ve chosen the game pieces so they are varied; boys and girls alike can find someone they’ll love to work with!


  • Free Printable (download for free at the bottom of this post!)
  • Printer and paper
  • Scissors
  • Magnets (I used the adhesive kind that you just have to peel off the back to stick it to the paper)
  • A place (or thing) on which to hang the Storybook Chore Chart. I put my kids’ charts on our magnetic white board, but you could put it on the side of a fridge or filing cabinet, or a cookie sheet (available at most dollar stores). Alternately you could stick it to a wall or door and use sticky tack instead of magnets. This chore chart is so versatile!


  1. Download and print the Free Printable Chore Chart pages.

2. Cut out the butterflies and/or characters.

3. (Optional) Use moving tape or a laminator to make the magnets more durable. Beware, though! If you laminate the castle page the magnets may not be strong enough to hold onto the cookie sheet through the lamination.

4. Place the magnets on the back of the butterflies and characters.

5. If you chose the blank chore chart fill it in with chores.

6. Tape your picture on the fridge, whiteboard, or other surface.


  • you don’t necessarily need all the pages. Choose which you think will work best for your child
  • place the chore chart somewhere easy for your child to see. If it’s out of sight it will be more difficult for your child to remember that they’re using it
  • for pre-reading children draw pictures in the blank spaces instead of words, such as a bowl of cereal, a toothbrush, little shirt and pants, etc.
  • for beginner readers use easy to read words like “bed” instead of “make bed” or “Eat” instead of “Eat Breakfast”
  • if you’re using the blank chart be sure to write really neatly, and to print! You want to make it as easy as possible for your child to read on their own

Here are the Downloads!

Each download button is underneath the corresponding picture

A Chore Chart Blessing:

May you have calm and quiet mornings,

full of blessed routine for the rest of your lives.

-Jessica 🙏

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