Beauty and the Beast Birthday Tea Party – Part 2

Hello! And welcome to Part Two of my Beauty and the Beast Birthday Tea Party! If this is the first you’re hearing of it be sure to head over to Part One, where you’ll see all the decorations, preparation and set-up! Today I’ll show you how the party went!

BONUS: I made a Party-in-a-Bag for my niece and nephew who didn’t feel comfortable attending in person. I’ll tell you about how I put that together, too!

Beauty and the Beast Hair Style

Belle’s hair in Beauty and the Beast is gorgeous and (dare I say it?) iconic. I thought it might just set the tone of the day to spend some time making my daughters’ hair gorgeous too. The Birthday Girl got to have her hair like Belle, and the non-birthday-girl got to have a fancy up-do. For the fancy up-do I just did a ponytail, divided it into five, tied each fifth into a loose knot and bobby pinned it. Super-duper easy, and it turns out all fancy. They are watching TV while I do it to help keep their heads still and straight (#littlegirlhairandnailhack).

Party Time!!

1. Make the Top Hats and Fascinators

This was so much fun!! I got this idea from the Clumsy Crafter. Basically you take a circle of cardboard, thread a hairband through it, and then decorate it with all things fancy (this would also work exquisitely for a Fancy Nancy Party – Magnifique!). We used loofas, artificial flowers, ribbon, and feathers, to name a few. While the girls made their fascinators, the boys decorated their top hats. You can see how I made the top hats by clicking here. They then wore these for the duration of the party.

This picture is from later in the party, but it’s a good one of the top hat, and the happy boy in it! He also used it later on as his Magician’s Hat.

2. Open Presents

Pretty self explanatory. I really like this shot because you can see the birthday girl’s Beauty and the Beast hair and Belle dress.

3. Tea Party

This tea party was gorgeous! I loved it so much! And there are so many little details that I’d like to point out.

In the first picture:

  • Paper butterflies
  • Teapot napkins (or teapot serviettes, as my Mum would say)
  • Butterfly and flower plates for each place setting
  • Paper doily for each place setting
  • Fancy table cloth
  • China teacup
  • Plastic champagne glasses with sliced strawberries

I wanted the party to look elegant, but didn’t want to wash all.the.dishes afterwards. I thought this was a nice compromise: real teacups and saucers, disposable everything else. Remember, when I originally planned this party I was expecting many more guests.

In the next picture:

  • Mulberry biscuits served on
  • Gold paper plates
  • Clotted cream (I gave you the link to the recipe on the first post, “Beauty and the Beast Birthday Tea Party“)
  • Sliced strawberries
  • Artificial flowers in a cut glass vase for a centrepiece
  • Wine bottle with Sprite in it

I served the Sprite and the tea, but they could help themselves (very carefully!) to refills. Each child was allowed to have two sugar cubes, most wanted to eat one plain, and have the other in their tea. Somehow I didn’t manage to take a picture with the teapot in it. You can see it ever so slightly on the left hand side of the counter in the picture below. The reason I wanted to show you the teapot, sugar bowl and milk pitcher is that I used my very fanciest tea set. An heirloom that belonged to my husband’s grandma. Also in the background you can see the gold paper cups that we used for water throughout the party.

And the adults had their own table! Notice Lumiere! And look at my sister. So dramatic🤣

4. Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

So here’s a sad story. Early in March 2020 I tried out this Marbled Nail Polish Mug Craft from Burlap and Blue. It worked so well! I marbled little cappuccino mugs and saucers out of gray and blue nail polish. I also used that same technique to make my Marbled Easter Egg Tree decoration for Easter last year. But when it came time to use it on teacups and saucers for this Beauty and the Beast Birthday party craft, it didn’t work. Yep. You read that right. It F A I L E D!!!! Maybe it failed because it had been so long since I tried it. Maybe it failed because I felt so rushed, being the end of the party. Maybe the water was too hot. But I think the most likely reason of all could have been because the amount of nail polish was too small. I still would recommend giving this craft a try. It really is astounding when it works (and remember that Party-in-a-Bag I told you about last time? Well, when my sister-in-law made the marbled teacups and saucers with her children IT WORKED!!).

4. Cake Pops

Yep. More food. My daughter asked for these special, so we sang Happy Birthday and had a cake pop (made by my sister) to end the party.

Now look at this little sweetie, all tuckered out from her big day. She’s found a quiet spot to sip her “champagne.”


Because of reduced numbers allowed to gather in Ontario at the time, we couldn’t have a big party. I decided to send my niece and nephew their own Party-in-a-Bag so they could still celebrate. I didn’t know how this would work out, so I only made it for this family. It wasn’t online or anything, simply to be used at a time that was convenient for them. I included the craft supplies for my niece to make a fascinator, and my nephew to decorate a top hat, I gave them the supplies for the Marbled Nail Polish Teacups (which, as you can see above, were successful!), cupcakes for their family and loot bags. They said it was “so much fun,” so mission accomplished!

Well that was a lovely party! And a little girl’s dream come true: Beauty and the Beast AND a formal afternoon tea party in one! It was nice that we were able to make up for last year, too. I hope that you enjoyed this party, and that there’s something here that you’d like to try. If there is, let me know in the comments! And if you REALLY liked it then please share it!


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