Marbled Easter Egg Tree

As we’ve previously discussed, in detail, it’s time to get ready for Easter! I’ve been thinking a lot about how to decorate. I wanted something big! Something prominent. So this week my kids and I made another Easter decoration, an Easter Egg Tree. We put ours in our living room, but this would be a nice classroom Easter Decoration, too! Keep reading to see how we made this delightful spring craft!

To do the marbling of the eggs we used the basic principles from Burlap and Blue, but instead of using tea cups we used plastic eggs that we purchased from The Dollar Tree. One thing I didn’t think of ahead of time is that the plastic eggs will float, and not submerge easily. We really had to force them down and scoop the nail polish up, which resulted in messier hands!

What you do, in a nutshell, is place some warm/hot water in a disposable bowl, drizzle a colour or two of nail polish onto the surface, stir it gently and briefly with a toothpick, and then dip in your egg. Hang your eggs to dry. Once the nail polish cools down it will no longer adhere to the eggs. If you’re really quick you’ll be able to do a couple of eggs per nail-polish-pour. Be prepared to pour the nail polish (and get fresh warm water) many times – you don’t need very much nail polish at a time, though. You can try multiple colours at one time, or you can dip an egg several times with different colours.

The Set-Up:

You really want to be prepared for this craft, because nail polish is not the kind of thing you can just wash off with soap and water.

  1. Put down some sort of table covering. We used brown paper that came from a package earlier that week.
  2. Use a disposable container for your water. The nail polish will leave a residue on the dish that may not ever come off. Being able to just recycle the bowl after was really helpful. We used an old take-out container.
  3. Use rubber gloves. We didn’t do this, and man, did I regret it. We all had nail polish all over our hands at the end.
  4. Know where you’re going to leave your eggs to dry. We used a bamboo rod (which we had originally used for our Ninja Party) and just propped it up between two chairs. When we finished an egg we could just slide it onto the rod to dry.
  5. Have nail polish remover and cotton swabs ready! We just used a cotton round and some nail polish remover after we finished our craft to rid our hands of the nail polish. After using the nail polish remover wash your hands with soap and water.

We made small adhesive vinyl Easter and spring decals with my Cricut to stick onto the eggs once they were dry; things like flowers, butterflies, crosses, etc. One said, “He Lives,” but when I looked away my daughter pulled off all the letters in a random order and stuck them in an equally random order on her egg. Oh well, it was a good idea in theory!

Then we headed to the backyard to pick up some twigs. We tried to find ones with little branches or knots on them to hang the eggs from.

We put the sticks into one of the tin buckets that we normally use for scissors and glue sticks (originally purchased from Dollarama) and filled it with rocks (that we also got from Dollarama) to help the sticks stand up.

If you don’t want an Easter Egg Tree you could also display them in a basket:

I love this decoration! I think the eggs look so cool with the marble effect. I also love that you can control the colours. You can make them Easter pastels, or your children’s favourite colours, or colours that match your room! I also like that they’re versatile: they can take up a bit of space in a basket, or they can be in a place of prominence on a tree. I’d love to hear where you put your eggs! Let me know how they turned out in the comments!


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