Ninja Party

For his 7th birthday party my son chose a Ninja theme.  We decided that the guests would be Ninjas-In-Training and we would train them to be official Ninjas by the time the party was over. It was such a blast! Ninja Headbands, Ninja obstacle course, and Toilet Paper Nunchuks were just a couple of the highlights!  A big THANK YOU to Padjay who took all of the pictures. Ninja 8


Ninja 22

I always get my invitations on This awesome Ninja Invitation is free on Punchbowl. On your invitation ask your guests to dress all in black to look “Ninjastic!”

DecorationsNinja 1

Chinese Character Signs and Chinese Lanterns

We found these ideas from Christie at Lemon Squeezy Home. Google “Chinese characters” and copy them onto giant pieces of bristol board using black paint. So easy. Looks so good. There wasn’t a tutorial for the Chinese Lanterns, but they are pretty simple to figure out.


Toilet Paper Ninja Darts

Ninja 2

Wrap fabric around toilet paper rolls and glue googly eyes on them. Use a slingshot rocket (ours were purchased from Dollarama) and let each child have three tries to knock it down. In the picture above you can see the dart about to hit the top Ninja!Ninja 12

Ninja Obstacle Course

You can do a variety of obstacles here. We did a teeter-totter plank, jumping into hoops, hopping the cinder blocks, somersault under the bar, go around the stumps and (grand finale!)  through the lasers. Ninja 14

Ninja 13

Ninja 6

Ninja 19

Karate Chop

Get thin pieces of wood (we used giant popsicle sticks) and prop them on something sturdy (we used cinder blocks). Then Karate Chop them! Ninja 17

Balance the Balloon on the Sword

We used a bamboo stake for the sword and got the kids to tap the balloon across a section of the yard without it touching the ground.

Ninja 10

Kick Down the Villain

For this we just got a bunch of empty cardboard boxes and gave each kid the chance to knock it down using punches or kicks. It didn’t matter to them at all that it looked nothing like a villain. Or even a human.

Ninja 20Ninja 16


We kept it super simple and just did a cake and water. It was a scorching hot day, so I thought water was probably a good choice.  My niece made the cake all by herself. What a helper!

Ninja 15


Delicious Nunchuks

We made Nunchuks out of wafer cookies and licorice, attached together with chocolate.  We threw these together the night before. They look very amateur, but they went down just fine!

Ninja 18

Ninja Headbands

I purchased black fabric at Fabricland on Clearance. I used my Cricut to make iron-on symbols. If you don’t have a Cricut you can still get the iron-on, cut it into circles, iron them onto the fabric (after it’s been cut into strips) then draw the Chinese character on the circle with permanent marker.

Ninja 4

Toilet Paper Nunchuks

These were surprisingly durable. For a tutorial check out Toilet Paper Nunchuks right here on

Nunchuk 3

Order of the Party

  1. Toilet Paper Ninja Darts. After passing that test they were given their Ninja Initiate Headbands
  2. Ninja Obstacle Course
  3. Cake and Presents
  4. Karate Chop
  5. Knock Down the Villain
  6. Balance the Balloon
  7. Awards Ceremony (where each child received their Toilet Paper Nunchuks)
  8. Give Delicious Nunchuks as kids leave

Well, that was a fun party! I think the kids and the adults had a great time. And there were no injuries, even with all the “weapons” around!

Party Ninja with Logo


12 thoughts on “Ninja Party

  1. Allison says:

    It WAS a super fun party, as always! When children grow up knowing that their parents went above and beyond to make even the simplest things creative and extra-fun it reinforces that they are special and important. Great job, Jess!


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