Disney Princess Party

I am obsessed with Disney. Always have been. So when my niece asked for a Disney Princess Party I jumped right in. Planning this party kept me up until the wee hours of many nights, making “just one more thing!”

Invitation:Disney Princess Punchbowl Card

As always we used invitations from Punchbowl.com. They have an excellent selection of Disney cards, including some free ones (like in the picture above). In our invitations we instructed guests to “Dress for the Ball.” Little boys in suits and little girls in gowns. It was adorable!


For me this was the best part. I decorated the room with  as many things as I could think of to represent different princesses. Then we gave out a page with each princess represented and people had to write in which items belonged to each princess. Mostly just the adults played. It was too hard for the littler kids, but the adults loved it! Do you want to play too? I know you do! I’ll put the pictures up first and you can guess! Who do these items represent? The answers are at the bottom of this section.

(Warning: Some of these photos are blurry. Brace yourself.)


The sign above says: I Wanna Stuff Some Chocolate in My Face. In the bowl are M&Ms.20161202_172742







Ready? Here are the answers:

Apple on a Brie platter: Snow White

Eggs, Flour, Milk (“Just do it like it says here in the book”): Sleeping Beauty

Paper Lantern: Rapunzel

Shells, Necklace and Fork: Ariel

Rose on the silver platter, under upside down vase: Belle

I Wanna Stuff Some Chocolate in my Face: Anna

Books and Candles: Belle

Braid: Rapunzel

Bird cage with paper cranes: Jasmine

The Good Fairies: Sleeping Beauty

Sewing items in wooden bowl: Cinderella

“Be our Guest” sign: Belle

“Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna”: Anna and Elsa

We also had a frying pan (that didn’t make it into any pictures) to represent Rapunzel

One thing I totally forgot to do was to write, “Who’s the fairest of them all?” on the bathroom mirror with lipstick. That would have represented Snow White.

*I know I missed a lot of princesses. Do you have any great ideas? Let me know in the comments  below!

Other Decorations:

I made this centrepiece for the party. Nothing to do with princesses, just pretty.



  1. Princess Scavenger Hunt: Details Above
  2. Limbo: This was part of the ball. The birthday girl’s request! Prize to whoever can go the lowest.
  3. I have Disney Trivial Pursuit, so throughout the evening (especially during dinner) I   would ask a question, and whoever got it right would get a Hershey Kiss.
  4. Pin the kiss on the frog: I cut a green piece of bristol board into a frog and printed lipstick kisses with each child’s name.  They had to, blindfolded, tape the kiss as close to the frog’s lips as they could.

Frog Prince Kiss

4. Bibbity Bobbity Boutique: When the guests arrived they had the opportunity to visit the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. This was just a section of the hall with two bar chairs with a TV tray of make-up and hair supplies on a fancy tray. Another Mom and myself gave the kids make-up,  perfume or cologne and did their hair (including glitter stuck in with hair spray). We gave each girl a crystal looking butterfly clip for their hair. This way they entered the party feeling like a princess.





My sister put on a lovely dinner for this party. We also had a cake that was supposed to look like the one from Sleeping Beauty (only way smaller!).  I used a single serving casserole dish for the top layer, a small casserole dish for the middle layer and a 9 inch cake pan for the bottom layer. I took the broom from my ceramic Frosty the Snowman (the party was shortly before Christmas. I don’t know what I would have thought of if Frosty weren’t right there looking at me!). It was a total experiment, and I’m no cake decorator, but I was pleased with the result. For our drinks we had  juice in wine glasses to make the kids feel like royalty.



I melted pink chocolate and drizzled it onto popcorn, pretzels, Chex and Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish Crackers. We put it in a basket with a handle because I thought it looked like the one Aurora carries.


This was one of my first and favourite parties. I totally obsessed over the decorations, constantly thinking of  more things to add.  In fact, I made a draw bridge door as we drove to the party. My husband thought I was crazy. I didn’t get a great picture of it, it got trampled as people entered, but you get the idea.


I hope you have as much fun planning your Disney Princess Party as I did mine! There is so much inspiration out there! Don’t forget to let me know your ideas in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Disney Princess Party

  1. Sarah Thompson says:

    Hi Jessica!
    You did an amazing job with all the details of this party! I love the princess guessing game! When I was going through guessing, I bombed on some of the newer Disney princess answers, but no problems with anything from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. 🙂


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