Stick and Stone Spear (2 Methods)

This summer we traveled to the East Coast of Canada. While on one of many gorgeous beaches my son found a stone in the shape of an arrowhead. “Mum! Can we make a spear!?!?” Yes, son. Yes we can. We kept the stones in the van, and there they stayed for over a month. Then we remembered they were there. How exciting. It’s time to CRAFT!!

Method One



  • String, twine or shoelace
  • Knife or saw (we started with a knife and switched to a saw)
  • Arrowhead shaped stone
  • Stick, about half an inch in diameter.


  1. Cut the end of the stick so it’s flat.20180827_1441372196803184417648756.jpg
  2. Cut the stick lengthwise, about two and a half inches from the top20180827_144947742977141107958324.jpg
  3. Insert Stone into gap, about halfway down the cut20180828_1537544352531592284986703.jpg
  4. Wrap the string tightly around the stick directly below the stone. Tie a knot or two.20180827_1503052310866510318641705.jpg

Method Two


  • Two flat sticks. We used spacers taken from the wood we ordered for our fence.
  • String, twine or shoelace
  • Arrowhead shaped stone


  1. Place the end of the stone in between the sticks.20180828_2007294645564416276745503.jpg
  2. Wrap rope around both ends of the stick, so hold the sticks together and to hold the stone in place.20180828_2006032170961893690469770.jpg


Now it’s time to go hunt some imaginary buffalo!


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