Decorations for Easter

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post, 12 Ways to Prepare for Easter. If you recall, the section on decorating for Easter was very small. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it, and working on it, and here is a concise post on how we decorated for Easter.

This post is included in a series of posts I’ve been doing on Preparing Your Heart and Your Home for Easter. Some of these decorations are part of the series too. Bear with me! Next week we’ll get back to some good, old-fashioned crafting and party planning! I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I have!

  1. Make a Canvas Sign with a burlap cross (tutorial here).

2. Make a Christ-Centered Easter Wreath (tutorial here) and hang it on your front door.

3. Make Marbled Easter Eggs (tutorial here). Display them on an end table, or as an Easter centrepiece.

4. Make a Marbled Easter Egg Tree (tutorial here). This was our main decoration. It was in a very prominent place in our home, and was the Easter equivalent of our Christmas tree.

5. Colour Easter Pictures and hang them on your walls or windows (link to free printable here).

6. Make an Easter Sign. I just used plain plywood, but you could use fancy wood or canvas. I painted it using a stencil I made with my Cricut.

7. Hang Easter Lights. I asked one of my piano students what she does in her home to celebrate Easter and she said that every night before Easter her mum turns on their Easter egg lights. What a brilliant idea! I haven’t made this yet, but intend to next year. To get this tutorial (which is where the picture above is) visit Sarah at Creative Ramblings.

8. Change Your Boards. Any whiteboard or blackboards you have in your home, change (or add) a message to say something Eastery, like “He is Risen!” or “Christ Arose,” or “Happy Easter!” Preferably in Easter coloured chalk! (Confession: I altered the picture above with PicMonkey🙈! I actually did change my sign to say, “Happy Easter!” But not until after I took this picture! My handwriting is really not that nice!)

9. Display Your Easter Bonnets. This is also in the picture above. If you haven’t yet made Easter bonnets yet you can check out my tutorial here.

10. Set up a small Easter Display. Normally I keep my Chatbooks on this shelf, but for the Easter season I set them aside to make a space for this little display. My son and I painted these eggs (Crock’A’Doodle) several years ago, and they always have a jumbled little spot; somewhere I’m always shocked that they survived the season. I bought this cross at the Dollar Tree last year when I was first trying to bulk up my Easter decorations. This is just one extra little place where we could remember the joy of Easter. Even a small thing like this can make a difference in your home.

11. Make Resurrection Bread. I thought of this while my family was sitting around the table having lunch. When I said it my husband laughed, right out loud. I thought he was making fun of me, but he said that he thought it was a great idea. For the next few days after I made it he said multiple times how much he liked it, and that it was his favourite of all the decorations I made😏💗. This is how I did it…I guess it’s pretty obvious, but here it is anyway. I made bread in my bread maker, cut off the bottom of it and pulled out all the fluffy and delicious insides (and ate it with soup – Mmmm). Then I cut a circle out of one of the sides of the bread, rolled it away (get it?) and placed it to the side of the hole. Super easy, but so lovely! We displayed our Resurrection Bread on our table, beside our tulips, from the Tuesday before Easter until Easter Monday. The kids kept asking if they could eat it yet, and occasionally I’d see them trying to sneak a bit…gross.

12. Display Fresh Flowers. Also pictured above. Have fresh flowers on your table for the weeks before Easter. The tulips in the picture above were only $5 at our grocery store, and they lasted for a week. We got some at Costco, too. It was so cheerful having fresh flowers to remind us of springtime!

So now you have some more ideas to start getting ready for next year. I hope that you have been joining me on my journey to fully celebrate Easter. This was a hard year for it, what with all the physical distancing, but I think that’s why it was so much more important this year to have Easter reminders in our home. Even though we didn’t go to church for Good Friday or Easter Sunday, our children knew the stories. They knew why we dressed up in our Easter best, even though we were staying home. They knew that this holiday is one we can’t miss, even if we’re unable to celebrate it with our church and biological families. I’m so thankful that God put this passion in my heart, and I hope it’s made a difference in your life too. Please comment and let me know if it has!


5 thoughts on “Decorations for Easter

  1. wetalbert says:

    That’s great, Jessica! I never thought to decorate for Easter. My favourite is the empty tomb loaf which I’m planning to make that next Easter! Nothing makes a mama’s heart soar more than knowing her children have all made decisions to follow Jesus! He is risen, indeed!😊


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