Crafting During Covid

Hello! This is just a brief post (mostly pictures) of the signs that I made since Covid started. I hope you like them! I found it very important to keep creating during the coronavirus lock-downs. Even when I couldn’t go out, I could go to my craft room and be creative. It’s so important to have an outlet. When times get tough, my niece is so insightful when she says, “I just need to craft.” Let me know which sign is your favourite in the comments😃.

Sign 1: Sing a Little Louder

I made this “Sing a Little Louder” sign as a gift for a friend of mine who is going through a tough time. It’s a line from a song by Bethel Music called “Raise a Hallelujah” (there is an amazing story behind the song, which you can read here). My friend shared that this song has been an encouragement to her, so I thought she would appreciate having a sign of it. I made it on canvas with acrylic paint for the text. The frame is just salvaged wooden spacers from our fence board order.

Sign 2: He is Risen Just as He Said

I made this sign ( about 12×12 inches) as a decoration for Easter. I made it out of plywood, with matte black permanent adhesive vinyl lettering. I had grand plans of giving one to each family who attended our Christian Passover, but, alas, Covid happened and we didn’t have any company at all for Passover. So sad.

In the last couple of years it has struck me how very important Easter is, and how little attention we actually give it. So I have been attempting to make Easter as important to my family as Christmas, this includes starting to celebrate a Christian Passover on Good Friday evening. It’s definitely an uphill battle, but we’re getting there! You can read all about my Easter Decorations in this post, and the importance of celebrating Easter in this post.

Sign 3: Please Keep Your Dog Out of Our Garden

My aunt commissioned this beauty of a sign! She called me one lovely spring day and told me of the dogs that pee on her beautiful gardens, and asked if I could make this sign. It’s only 3 inches tall and five inches wide, and sticks just about a foot above the ground, so it’s completely adorable. It’s made of unvarnished cedar with black permanent adhesive vinyl text. Another one of the fence board spacers serves as the stake. I showed my Mum this “Please Keep Your Dog Out of Our Garden” sign and she LOVED it; kept going on about how cute it is (thanks Mum!😉). She asked for one for her garden, so for Mother’s/Father’s Day I made my parents this:

Sign 4: The Grass Withers and the Flowers Fade but the Word of the Lord Stands Forever. Isaiah 40:8

Sign 5: Fence Board Canada Day Sign

I already told you about this fence board Canada flag sign in my Canada Day Post. It was so quick to make, my kids helped me, and it turned out beautifully! #craftingwithkidswin

Sign 6: Our Dock, Lake and Waterfront Rules

Oh my, was this a beast of a sign! By far the sign with the most text I’ve ever done. I only messed up a couple of times (one time involved ripping off three lines of text, and having to sand off the sticky residue😫. This Dock Rules sign was commissioned by a friend who attends our church. She gave it as a gift for her friends to hang at their cottage. It’s 25-inches tall and about 13-inches wide; made of unstained cedar with matte black permanent adhesive vinyl lettering. My husband helped me to mount it on the vertical board. You can see that all the recipients had to do was put a screw in the top and the bottom to attach it to a beam of their pergola. This will make it easy to bring it in for the winter. Blimey, I like this one!

Sign 7: Fireplace Sign: “Is Any Pleasure on Earth as Great as a Circle of Christian Friends by a Good Fire?” C.S. Lewis

Also during Covid, my husband and I made this firewood holder. Basically, he built the entire thing and I measured, cut and screwed on those side boards. And I think I was more proud of my hard work than he was of his…oh, and he designed the thing too😍😍😍. I thought that we needed to find a sign to go in this blank area of wall (our fire pit is basically where I stood to take this picture). What a perfect quote this is, eh? I used the same cedar and vinyl for this sign as I did for the “Dock Rules” sign. While this sign is much bigger than sign 6, it has far less text.

Sign 8: For this Child I have Prayed. 1 Samuel 1:27

Before coronavirus lock-downs started a friend of mine had her first baby (hurray!). I had been praying for her and her husband to have a baby, and finally they did! Total answer to prayer. I made her this sign to welcome her little one into the world. I tried to make the canvas look like a chalkboard because my friend is a teacher. I painted the canvas with acrylic paint and, once again, I used the fence board spacers as a frame.

Sign 9: In our Home let Love Abide and Bless those who Step Inside

Another Covid Project my husband and I did together was to turn our back hall/laundry hall into a Mud Room. And guys, it looks SO GOOD!!!! I’m still waiting for my husband to build me a bench/shoe rack, and then I plan to show you the whole thing, but here’s a teaser😉. We used more fence board to mount coat hooks, and then hung this sign above it. Once again, fence board and permanent adhesive vinyl. I am almost out of fence board! How am I supposed to craft with no more fence board!?!?!?

Here’s that whole wall:

Isn’t that delightful?

So, what do you think? Which is your favourite? Thanks for looking at my signs, my coronavirus outlet! What did you do to get a break from it all during the Covid lock-downs? Let me know, k? 😃


2 thoughts on “Crafting During Covid

  1. Rohvannyn says:

    They are neat signs – I think I like the Canada Day one best but they are all really lovely. I have total respect for the painstaking work needed for the waterfront rules sign. Regarding Easter, as I understand it, Orthodox Christians make that day the most important holiday of the year and call it Paska. You might get some inspiration there. Not my culture or religion but I respect their vigorous and joyful holidays, whether Greek Orthodox or Russian Orthodox.

    Liked by 1 person

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