Homemade Easter Card for Kids!

We’ve never made Easter cards before, nor have we ever handed out Easter cards (unless you count the Original Easter Colouring Pages that we coloured, wrote on the back, and gave to our neighbours a couple of weeks ago). But in our ambition to make Easter as important to our family as Christmas, we’re giving it a try! I wanted a card that was fun and easy to do. I had to help my youngest daughter (age 3) to place the stamp in the right place, but other than that this was a good craft for all my children (the oldest of which is 8). I think this would be a good card for older crafters as well, because the level of precision will increase, making a more sophisticated card…can the Easter Bunny be sophisticated?

You may question my using the Easter Bunny in our cards instead of something to do with Jesus. I’m trying to weigh everything in terms of how I act at Christmas. I have no problem with Santa Claus; we teach our children that Santa isn’t real, but we still have decorations and books, etc. that are about Santa. It’s a balance. So we made an Easter Bunny card, but the message inside was about Jesus.

Before we go through the tutorial I have to give credit where credit is due: we got the idea of using toilet paper rolls for the rabbit stamp from Michelle at Crafty Morning (you can find the original post here.) We built upon Michelle’s idea by adding a body and feet to our stamp. At The DIY Dreamer, Christine shows us how she and her children make toilet paper roll bunnies every Easter as one of their Easter traditions. She is the one who came up with the feet. Now, onto our craft!


  • Card stock (white and another colour)
  • Paint
  • Plastic Fork
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Optional: printer and paper to make the message inside


1.Decide how large you want your cards and cut and fold the white card stock accordingly.

2. Rip your coloured card stock and glue on the front of your card.

3. Dip your fork in green paint and apply to the front of your card at the bottom to look like long grass.

4. While waiting for the grass to dry prepare your toilet paper rolls. You will need:

  • one round toilet paper roll for the Easter Bunny’s head and body
  • one flattened and stapled toilet paper roll in the middle for the Easter bunny’s feet
  • one semi-flattened toilet paper roll for the Easter Bunny’s ears
This is an action shot! Look at us go!

5. Put some white paint on a paper plate or a plastic lid. Dip the toilet paper roll’s end into the paint and stamp it onto your Easter card. I had one child do each section of the bunny. We went around the table in a circle, stamping all the cards. Allow the paint on your cards to dry.

6. Use your markers to draw a face on your Easter Bunnies.

For the message inside our Easter cards we chose one we liked from Greenvelope.com. Then we printed it on coloured paper and glued it inside. The kids all signed their own names (which took ages, but was so cute), and that was really good practice for them.

Handing out Easter cards was one of the ideas we came up with in 12 Ways to Prepare for Easter. It was a really great experience! It’s another way that we’re trying to bring Easter to greater prominence in our family.


6 thoughts on “Homemade Easter Card for Kids!

  1. Rohvannyn says:

    Nothing wrong at all with the Easter Bunny – he (or she?) represents new life, something everyone can celebrate, regardless of their beliefs. Happy Easter and happy Spring!


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