Christ-Centered Easter Wreath

Last week I gave you lots of ideas for How to Prepare Your Family for Easter. One section that I wanted more ideas for was Easter Decorations. I didn’t have a lot of ideas, and, after a week of thinking about it I have more (YAY!!) which I’ll share in the coming weeks. But I’m still looking for more, so if you have decoration ideas please let me know! I’m trying to make Easter as important in my family as Christmas, so think BIG!!

This week I’m going to show you the wreath I made for my front door. I went to the Dollar Tree and found wooden wreaths and lots of beautiful artificial flowers. I grabbed some cardboard from the recycling bin and I already had twine, which has been used in many, many projects (like Fruit Bird Feeders) and parties (like my Cowboy Party and Woodland Baby Shower).


  • Wreath
  • Twine (my twine ended up being a bit too stiff, so I switched to Raffia Ribbon (pictured below on the cross)
  • Artificial flowers
  • Wire cutters for cutting the flower stems
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue


The Flowers:

1.Cut your flowers off of their stem, just above the greenery. You want to leave quite a bit of stem to weave through your wreath. Don’t use scissors for this because the flowers have wire in the stem. If you use normal scissors you could wreck them, or at least give them a catch for a little while.

2. Place your flowers onto your wreath by weaving the stem through the branches (branches?🤷‍♀️). They can be spaced fairly far apart; you want them to be overlapping, but not crowded or pushing each other out.

3. Cut the Greenery off of the remaining flower stems and place them among the flowers on your wreath.

4. Glue gun it all. Some of the stems will be very secure and some won’t, depending on where you’ve threaded them through the wreath.

*If you’re looking for a way to use any leftover flowers check out my post, DIY Easter Bonnets for Boys and Girls. I got the bonnets for these at the Dollar Tree, too! My girls could hardly wait to get out their Easter Bonnets this year! Take a look, they’re really beautiful!

Making the Cross:

1.Trace a cross onto your cardboard using a pencil and ruler. Decide on the size by holding it up to your wreath to just eye it, or measure it. My cardboard cross is just over half as tall as my wreath.

2. Cut it out.

3. Cut lengths of raffia ribbon or twine to make it easier to wrap around your cardboard cross. I wrapped it around and around in sections to make my ribbon more manageable. It allowed the ribbon to unwind as I went so it didn’t get all twisted up.

4. Using your glue gun, attach the raffia ribbon to your cross. Try to only glue the back of the cross, this will keep all the little strings and peek-a-boo glue to the side that’s not going to be seen. I had to use a bit of glue on the front of the cross for the horizontal beam. I just couldn’t get the ribbon tight enough, so I put two vertical lines of glue one- and two-thirds of the way in.

5. If you want to put an X on the front of the cross you can do so by wrapping, corner-to-corner, around the centre of the cross. When you switch directions make sure that the horizontal raffia ribbon happens on the back.

6. Glue the cross onto the wreath.

Isn’t it beautiful? I am so happy with it! I’m stock-piling all my decorations (stock-piling might be too drastic of a word. Sadly, all my Easter decorations still fit on one dining room chair. I need big ideas, people!!) so that we can have a “Let’s Decorate For Easter Day” the same way we have a “Let’s Decorate for Christmas Day.” My plan is to decorate the house while listening to Easter Hymns, have a lovely dinner, and some child-friendly Easter movie (any help in that regard is also most welcome!).

I hope you’re having a wonderful time decorating and preparing your home (and especially your 💖) for the Easter Season! Remember to tell me in the comments what you’ve done!


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