Woodland Baby Shower

My sister just had her first baby! A little girl she and her husband named Violet💕. For her baby shower with one side of the family we had a Woodland Themed Baby Shower. In this post I’ll tell you all about our invitations, decorations (spoiler: cute and cuddly woodland animals, wood, and black and red plaid), games and my epic vegetable tray (now who wouldn’t want to hear about that!?).


For our invitations we used this awesome (and free!) invitation from Punchbowl.com. Punchbowl has so many amazing invitations, and a great little system. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. You’ll love it!


Because the shower was at my sister’s house (that they just moved into that week!) I didn’t go over the top with decorations. I didn’t want to have to transport lots of stuff, plus in the end it rained and I had to pack everything up in a terrible hurry so it wouldn’t get ruined, so I was very grateful that it wasn’t too much to grab and throw quickly into a bin.


We used twine to make a clothesline, then hung up children’s clothing in plaid fabrics with wooden clothespins. I have two awesome sleepers (well, they’re my daughters’) that are totally perfectly outdoorsy, but do you think I could find them anywhere? Nope! Of course I found them a few days later. *eye roll.* I interspersed pieces of plaid fabric in between the clothes. This is the same fabric left over from our Christmas choir last year. We used it in our DIY Clementine Box Doll Bed with a Cupboard and our DIY Freezie Holders.

Wooden Slices

I used my Cricut to cut out the words “It’s a Girl!” in black permanent adhesive vinyl. I loved this!

Table Display

You know me, I love a display. To see some of my other displays click on the following links:

Cowboy Party

Robinson Cruse Party

Chinese New Year Party

Basically, to make a display for this party just wander around your house and look for Woodsy things. Maybe you have things made of wood that would be perfect? Or ceramic animals? Blankets? Plants? Pictures? So many possibilities! Isn’t this exciting?? My son has a million carved wooden ducks and little animal statues but, since the party was at my sister’s house two hours away, I didn’t want to bring them and risk breaking them. My son said I could, though, so I chose a small fox and a carved duck. When I was taking them to the living room to pack them I dropped the duck and broke its beak off. I felt so terrible, even though my son said, “It’s fine, Mum, it’s fine.” Bless him; so forgiving! So I decided to just leave it all at home and make do with what I had…and take his unbreakable stuffies.

My Display

  • I got my brother and sister to supply a lantern each
  • I chose a couple of Beatrix Potter books with woodland creatures on the front (my sister loves books, so I thought she’d like this little detail!)
  • A deer hide that my husband tanned
  • A vase with driftwood branches in it, tied up with fabric that matches the clothesline (you can see this in the top picture)
  • I used a burlap patterned table runner that I got at Dollarama for my daughter’s Burlap themed party (I haven’t done a post on that party, but here’s one craft we did: Burlap Coasters.)
  • Wood slices that say, “It’s a Girl!”
  • Stands made of wood for the little stuffies to sit on
  • A roll of twine, plus I draped the twine across the table
  • This framed sign (my son helped me make this using PicMonkey! So cute!):

Gift Teepee

Isn’t this cute??? I tied 5 stakes together with twine and then, after making sure it was secure, I wrapped them in more leftover choir fabric. My Dad has a blanket that matched perfectly so we laid that on the ground under the teepee. I tried the teepee originally with three stakes, but it doesn’t make it round enough to fit many presents under. So if you’re only expecting a couple people, or small gifts, just use 3 stakes and it will look fuller.

Another Cute Little Homemade Sign

My son and I made this one too. We just framed it and set it to the side of the teepee.


My Mum did most of the dinner, but I was in charge of a vegetable tray. I found this one on pinterest. Click here to see the original.


Okay, no big deal, but I made up both of these shower games/ shower activities, so if you’re looking for an original shower game, look no further! These went over so well! I had a blast with them too. Also, I NEVER remember (okay, maybe sometimes I remember, but very infrequently) to get prizes for the games I plan. So people always play just for the pure pleasure of it, and I’ve never had anyone complain – not even the kids.

Homemade Group Colouring Book

This was a family shower, so we had all ages. How cute is that picture? Three generations: My precious 90-year-old Nanny, my cousin, and my niece. I should have gotten my Mum, Aunt or Uncle to jump in so it would have been four generations! This activity is awesome because, as you can see in the picture, it’s fun for all ages.

My oldest niece went on Pinterest and printed off one picture for every letter of the alphabet. Everyone at the party then picks a different picture to colour and writes their name off the bottom. After the shower you can put them in binder sleeves or laminate them. Then the new little baby has an alphabet book coloured by people who love her! Another nice thing about this is that people can chat and colour at the same time. Also, it’s not your typical big loud shower game.

Who Was It?

Bit of a crazy looking picture. We had to take it over and over because it was blurry (I think the sun was too low). And you can see his fixed little smile that was genuine about 15 takes before.

In the week leading up to the shower have everyone send you a fact about their birth. I told the guests to finish this sentence: “When I was born…” People will adapt it if they need to. Mine was “My doctor made me come early so he could go on vacation.” My daughter’s was, “I was born with a black eye because I came out so fast.” My son’s was “I was born 27 hours after my Mum’s water broke.” (My favourite was my uncle’s, “I was born the same day Disney’s Lady and the Tramp Premiered.” Cool, eh?) Write each phrase on a piece of paper and read them out one at a time. After each sentence have the guests guess who each phrase is about. The person who guesses right gets the piece of paper. The person with the most papers at the end wins.

Woodland Baby Shower Gift:

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Woodland Baby Shower, or any baby shower, really, check out my Etsy shop! I made these delightful iron-on T shirt decals. Just click here to buy them.

All in all it was a lovely shower. And the rain ended up only being a small (wait for it) shower; nobody even had to go indoors. 😉


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