Soap Carving

Native Studies: Inuit of the Arctic First, let me tell you that you are joining us on week two of our series, "Canada's Natives Long Ago." For more information on this series you can check out my previous post, "DIY Wigwam Craft." Last week I showed you our conical Wigwam that we made when we … Continue reading Soap Carving

Meadow Craft

It's the start of summer and that means it's strawberry season! Strawberry shortcake, strawberry tarts, chocolate covered strawberries...mmmmm... On Saturday I went with my parents to their local farmers market and we got four flats of strawberries to turn into strawberry jam. Coincidentally, my Mum was planning a little party for her Sunday School class … Continue reading Meadow Craft

Wanna Shop?

Photo by Kaboompics .com on To buy products from But First We Craft visit our Etsy Store: But First We Craft Shop. There's not a lot on it yet, but I'm working on it! Keep checking back for new items! HAPPY CRAFTING! One of the items available. Iron-on decals.