Free Printable Valentine Cards

Happy Valentine's Day! My kids love Valentine's Day. I never used to, in fact, my husband and I pretty much ignored its existence. But now (thanks in large part to Covid lockdowns) I think that we need to take every opportunity to make special days for our families, and to tell each other "I love … Continue reading Free Printable Valentine Cards


Train Ride to the Countryside – Imaginative Play

A Tribute to My Nanny On Monday my precious Nanny passed away. Nanny was an amazing storyteller, and the number one subject we grandkids wanted to hear about was her own life. Nanny grew up in London, England in the 1930s, and when World War Two began she, along with her brother and sister, were … Continue reading Train Ride to the Countryside – Imaginative Play

Art Supply Organizer – Homeschool Organizer!

I have been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to get all the clutter out of our homeschool cupboard. We have the bottom of our china cabinet that we use exclusively for our daily homeschool things: reading curriculum, devotional, printing books, math curriculum, clipboards, headphones, markers, pencil crayons, glue sticks and sundry, I could go on and on. … Continue reading Art Supply Organizer – Homeschool Organizer!

Meadow Craft

It's the start of summer and that means it's strawberry season! Strawberry shortcake, strawberry tarts, chocolate covered strawberries...mmmmm... On Saturday I went with my parents to their local farmers market and we got four flats of strawberries to turn into strawberry jam. Coincidentally, my Mum was planning a little party for her Sunday School class … Continue reading Meadow Craft