Clementine Box Doll Bed with Cupboard

One of the many things I love at Christmas time is a clementine! Don’t you just smell them and see your Christmas tree? The first person to pull one out at lunch time at school or work brings so much joy to those around them. And one thing that always makes me feel wasteful at Christmas time is throwing out those clementine boxes. I always feel like I should have been able to do something with them. Maybe storage…or a craft, but every year I end up throwing them out- there’s only so much you can keep without a plan for using it. So this year I decided to do something with my clementine boxes. I saw online where people had made doll beds out of them. I thought that was such an adorable idea, and I’ll teach you how to do that, but I also tried to come up with a way to go a bit further. And I love the result. A doll or stuffie bed with a cupboard underneath. Who doesn’t have doll accessories like bottles, soothers and clothes that have no place to belong? Well, now they have a great place- and it’s easy for even the tiniest “mom” to use. It can also be used as bunk beds! I made one bed for each of my daughters, then added the cupboard under one, so in some of the pictures the bed will be brown and in some it’s white -so we know which bed belongs to which girl!

Making the Bed:


  • Clementine Box (always be careful, when giving things like this to little ones, that you’ve made sure there are no sharp edges or staple tips poking out. These obviously aren’t made to be toys, so just take a sec to double check.)
  • Paint and Brush
  • Fabric
  • Quilt Batting
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread


  1. Paint the box and leave it to dry.

2. While the box is drying measure the inside and cut the quilt batting so it’s just shorter than the bottom of the box. When you sew the fabric for the mattress we’ll squish the batting into it so it’s full and fluffy.

3. Fold the fabric and measure it so it’s just a bit smaller than the batting. Cut it.

4. Sew two of the four edges of the fabric together with right sides (the colourful side) together. Remember, one side is folded so this will leave only one open edge. I left the long edge open so it was easier to put in the batting.

5. Turn the fabric inside out, so now the pretty side is showing. Stuff the batting into the fabric and fold in the edges. Sew along this side, as close to the edge as possible so you’re sure to catch the exposed cut of the fabric.

6. Measure the fabric and cut a piece about an inch bigger than the mattress. This will be the blanket. I thought about making a pillow too, but my daughter pointed out that, “babies don’t use pillows.”

Making the Cupboard:


  • Clementine box
  • Paint and Paintbrush
  • Velcro (about two-three inches)
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Pliers, hammer, etc to pull out the staples
  • A strip of felt about two inches high and as wide as the space between two of the corner pieces of your box (approximately 8 inches).


  1. Pull out the staples on one of the long sides of the box to release that panel.

If you break the panel like I did, don’t worry. It seems to splinter in such a way that it’s super easy to glue back together with carpenter’s glue.

2. Paint the box and allow it to dry. I didn’t allow it to dry before I put on the Velcro (I was too excited!) so I had to use my glue gun to glue on my adhesive Velcro. Oops.

3. Using your glue gun, glue a strip of felt onto the bottom exposed edge of your box, leaving the felt hanging over the edge.

4. Glue the bottom edge of the panel onto the remaining felt, keeping the felt on the inside of the box.

5. Measure and cut your Velcro. Keeping the Velcro stuck together, adhere it to the flap. Then, to stick it to the corners, simply close the flap with the peel off the sticker protector, or the glue gun glue applied to the back of the Velcro. This ensures that both halves of the Velcro will line up.

6. Now you need to make sure you have your Clementine Bed Box. Using your glue gun put little piles of glue on the top of the four posts of the cupboard box. Carefully line up your bed on top of this. Push down firmly. It’s very important that you leave this to harden so it doesn’t come apart. It’s done!

Now go get a stuffie, doll, accessories, etc. (You could also get your child, but I didn’t. I kinda wanted to play with it on my own first, lol). I tried putting accessories in the cupboard first. Look at all that space!

Then I put in a monkey, with some books on the bottom- I thought my son would like that.

And then I tried out bunk beds, which actually worked out surprisingly well. They didn’t looked squished at all! They looked positively cozy!

When I finished making it, both of my daughters were asleep, so I showed it to my son. He loved it! He thought it was so cute!

“Have a good sleep, little guy. I’ll tuck you in.”

I hope you try out this craft! It was so easy and it looks great! I’m so happy to have found such an awesome way to use a clementine box. Do you have any ideas on how upcycle a clementine box? Want to check out some of our other upcycling crafts? Take a look at: Toilet Paper Roll Figurines, Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Holders, Nunchucks, and Firestarters!


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