Repurposed Lip Balm Container into Pill Holder

I go through a lot of Blistex. Like A LOT. And there was a long time when I would lose a lot of Blistex. But now I keep one by my bed, one in my purse, one in my van, one in my kitchen…you get the idea. Now I don’t lose them anymore, and I end up throwing out a lot of the empty containers. It seemed like a waste to throw out these adorable little containers, so I’ve found a way to repurpose them! I’m using my repurposed lip balm container as a purse container for Advil and Tylenol, and giving it to my dear, migraine-prone friend, Janet.


  • Lip balm container. It doesn’t have to be empty, the green container pictured at the bottom is still full. But if yours is empty you should wash it out with warm soapy water before starting this craft.
  • Paper with which to decorate your container. You can use almost any paper on yours: newspaper, tissue paper (also the green one below)
  • Rubbing alcohol and cotton ball
  • Mod Podge
  • Something to apply the Mod Podge. I actually just used my finger, but if you wanted to use a brush you could. I found that using the brush meant that I could be less delicate and aware of which areas of the paper were about to rip, especially with the tissue paper
  • A couple wine corks, or something on which to prop the container as it dries. The edges will be wet, so you don’t want them touching a surface while they dry or they may either adhere to it, or pull the Mod Podge and paper away from the container after they are dry
  • Tin foil, or something on which to work. I wanted to minimize my mess so I didn’t get Mod Podge all over my counter. This, too, can be omitted


  1. Using your cotton ball, wipe down the lip balm container with rubbing alcohol. Because most lip balms are greasy, if there is any on the edge it will make it difficult for the Mod Podge to stick.

2. Rip up or cut the paper you want to use. I made this Repurposed Lip Balm Container for my very dear friend Janet (our free printable colouring page artist!). She is from Scotland, so I ripped up Scottish words and phrases from my Nancy Drew “Case of the Whistling Bagpipes” pages. You may recognize these as the pages I took out of the DIY No-Sew Hardcover Book Purse. I also ripped up some blank or random paper to put as the background and bottom of the container.

3. Next dip your fingers in the Mod Podge and spread all over the lid or bottom of the container (do one part at a time). Put paper on it, and wipe again with Mod Podgey fingers. If a corner is sticking up simply wet it again and massage it into place. You can do layer after layer until it is covered the way you want. If some of the edges are too long simply wrap them around the rim, or trim them with scissors.

4. Leave to dry. After this picture was taken I finished the bottom on my husband’s recommendation.

The container on the right still has Blistex in it. I just had to be extra careful when I was holding it. The green paper is tissue paper, and the blue heart is just a sticker. I Mod Podged over top of the sticker also.

This Repurposed Lip Balm Container is decorated with tissue paper also. I used scissors to make the straight edges. I made the Deathly Hallows symbol out of adhesive vinyl with my Cricut. I didn’t even bother to make the top line up with the bottom because I thought it would wreck the tissue paper if I tried to screw it together while wet, and I didn’t want to attempt to Mod Podge it while closed. So now, whenever my son walks by it, he tightens it so the pattern lines up🤦🏻‍♀️.

If you’re interested in another repurposing and upcylce craft, you should check out DIY Clementine Box Doll Bed.

What are you going to use your Repurposed Lip Balm Container for?


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