Fire Starters

My family loves camping – my husband especially. So, when the kids and I were thinking of Father’s Day craft ideas, this one was decidedly perfect. The big kids were able to do almost all of it (just not the glue gun part at the end, or the tying of the twine) so it really was a gift from them. It was another quick and easy project!



  • toilet Paper Rolls (we used 4)
  • dryer lint
  • cotton balls
  • Vaseline
  • flyers or newspring
  • tape
  • twine
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue


1.  Put the cotton balls and the dryer lint in a container with Vaseline. Mix, mix, mix! You don’t need a tonne of Vaseline. The balls/lint don’t need to be saturated. Our Vaseline was almost gone, so we were able to mix it in the original receptacle. Vaseline is super greasy, so if you need a separate container you might want to check out your recycling bin for something suitable so you don’t have to scrub out a bowl. lint in vaseline

2. Insert the lint/balls/vaseline into the toilet paper roll.


3. Cut pieces of newsprint about two inches wider (on each side) than the toilet paper roll. Don’t cut the length of the paper, you want that to fuel the fire.  Secure the end of the paper with tape.

4. Tie the ends with string or twine. (I didn’t get a picture of this, but you can check out the finished product if you need a visual!)

5. Cut strips of sandpaper, not as long as the toilet paper roll, and about half an inch wide. We tried every grain of sandpaper we could find in the garage, starting at 240. The really rough 60 stuff worked best.


6. Use a hot glue gun to glue the strip of sandpaper and the 3 matches. Then you’re done!done 4

My husband and son tried these out in the backyard later on Father’s Day.  After, I asked how they worked, and they just looked at each other with very pleased and surprised faces and said, “Really well.” This was  a highly successful craft! Did you try it? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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