DIY Cat Costume Ears

Do you need ears for your cat costume? Or Lion, Tiger, Wolf…the list goes on and on! Well, we needed cat ears for a Catwoman costume for out Batman Birthday Party. These are so quick and easy, and they look adorable. Bonus: One size fits all!



  • Black card stock or Bristol board
  • Snap hair clips (preferable black, but any colour will work)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


First Ear

1. Draw a cat ear onto the piece of Bristol board. This doesn’t need to be perfect by any stretch. You can see below how basic mine is. Really, it’s just a rounded triangle, about two inches tall. Then draw a rectangle (yes, I know I drew a trapezoid. That’s so it folds in better. I actually had to google what that kind of shape is called. That class was SOOOOO long ago) attached to the bottom of the ear, about ¾ of an inch high, running the length of the ear. This will be the flap that attaches to the clip. Cut out the whole thing.

Trace ear redo

2. Trace the ear to make a second ear so both ears are the same size. Cut it out.  Fold the rectangles (trapezoids) down.


3. Cut a small slit, horizontally, at the fold. This only needs to be wide enough to fit the clip through. Open clip, slide the top of the clip into the slit.

4. Clip into hair.

Wasn’t that easy? But it looks so good! And see? One size fits all!

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