DIY Cat Costume Ears

Do you need ears for your cat costume? Or Lion, Tiger, Wolf...the list goes on and on! Well, we needed cat ears for a Catwoman costume for out Batman Birthday Party. These are so quick and easy, and they look adorable. Bonus: One size fits all! Supplies: Black card stock or Bristol boardSnap hair clips (preferable black, … Continue reading DIY Cat Costume Ears

Batman Birthday Party

Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana BATMAN! (I know you checked to make sure I put enough “Nana”s. You did, didn’t you?) For his 7th Birthday Party my nephew wanted a Batman Party. My sister asked me if I would help her with it and I jumped at the chance! I LOVE to plan parties! So, if you’re planning a … Continue reading Batman Birthday Party