Bonus Post! Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

It's only 4 days until Halloween! You've finished your Last Minute Halloween Decorations, but now you need costumes! The good news is that kids have exceptional imaginations, so they don't need anything too fancy. There are plenty of DIY costumes that don't take much work- or much money- to pull together. This afternoon my kids and … Continue reading Bonus Post! Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

DIY Cat Costume Ears

Do you need ears for your cat costume? Or Lion, Tiger, Wolf...the list goes on and on! Well, we needed cat ears for a Catwoman costume for out Batman Birthday Party. These are so quick and easy, and they look adorable. Bonus: One size fits all! Supplies: Black card stock or Bristol boardSnap hair clips (preferable black, … Continue reading DIY Cat Costume Ears