Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Holders

When we hosted Thanksgiving this year we made a gorgeous Thanksgiving Table Display.  For our cutlery we used these napkin rings with fabric napkins. It was really nice to have the cutlery and napkins all ready to go, so there was less to do at the last minute. Bonus: they were so easy to make! And don’t they make the table look nice? I love burlap- especially in the fall- so this all worked together so well. I hope you’ll try them out!


  • Empty toilet paper rolls (one roll makes two napkin holders)
  • Burlap ribbon (the ribbon I got already had lace down the middle. It was almost the exact width of half a toilet paper roll, so I just trimmed a little roll down on each one.)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Napkins and utensils to put in the holder. Fabric serviettes are wonderful because they’re thicker and fill up the ring nicely. You’ll need to adjust your rings or use lots of napkin if you’re using paper serviettes.


  1.  Cut each toilet paper roll in half to make two rings.Napkin Rings 2
  2.  Cut the ribbon or burlap the right size. For an excellent little tip on how to easily cut burlap so it doesn’t fray click out this post: How to Easily Cut Burlap. Also, if I’m cutting lots of burlap, or ribbon, etc, I use one as a template so I don’t have to actually measure each one. Napking Rings 8
  3. Using a hot glue gun, glue all the edges of the fabric and quickly stick it to the ring, before the glue has a chance to cool.
  4. Wrap utensils with the napkin, and insert into napkin ring. Napkin Rings- Steps to wrapping

Here’s a picture of how they looked on our table.table-display1

If you want to check out how I made the table display you can click here. Thanksgiving is just so beautiful, and it’s very simple to add these things to your decor to help celebrate the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!


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