Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Holders

When we hosted Thanksgiving this year we made a gorgeous Thanksgiving Table Display.  For our cutlery we used these napkin rings with fabric napkins. It was really nice to have the cutlery and napkins all ready to go, so there was less to do at the last minute. Bonus: they were so easy to make! And … Continue reading Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Holders


Last-Minute Halloween Activities

So you've checked out our Last-Minute Halloween Costumes and our Last-Minute Halloween Decorations. Now it's time for our Last-Minute Halloween Activities. These can be done very quickly with common craft supplies! And it's a good thing too, because Halloween is TOMORROW!! Yay!  Colouring Contest: Supplies: Markers, pencil crayons and/or crayons Printer Paper Computer Printer Instructions: Choose a Halloween colouring  … Continue reading Last-Minute Halloween Activities