Last-Minute Halloween Activities

So you’ve checked out our Last-Minute Halloween Costumes and our Last-Minute Halloween Decorations. Now it’s time for our Last-Minute Halloween Activities. These can be done very quickly with common craft supplies! And it’s a good thing too, because Halloween is TOMORROW!! Yay!

Colouring Contest Final 4

 Colouring Contest:


  • Markers, pencil crayons and/or crayons
  • Printer Paper
  • Computer
  • Printer

Colouring Contest Final 5


  1. Choose a Halloween colouring  page from Google. There are so many great ones to choose from! Some things to consider are: not too much for your little ones to colour- but enough difficulty for the older children, a variety of colours  should be necessary (not all orange pumpkins and black bats and cats), it shouldn’t be too scary, and a background is always nice too.
  2. Put the colouring utensils into a bin or container that makes it easy for more than one child to access at one time. There will be less arguing and better sharing this way!Colouring Contest Final 1
  3. Give them as much time to colour as they want- or set a timer if you have other things to do, or if someone is dawdling.
  4. Choose a winner. There are many ways you can decide a winner. You can say, “Wow! All these look great! You are all winners!”, or  you can have each child vote for their favourite, or you could have the adults choose. We put it on Instagram and let the public vote. All children got the same prize, though: a piece of Halloween Candy.Colouring Contest Final 2

This was such an easy and fun Last-Minute Halloween Activity!

Colouring Contest Final 3

Halloween Mural:

Halloween Mural (1) Final


  • markers or crayons
  • packing paper

Halloween Mural 4 Fianl


  1. This Last Minute Halloween Activity is really very easy! Get out the markers and clear a wide space for some intense drawing! We drew scenes of streets with trick-or-treaters, ghosts and bats flying, black cats, witches, spooky moons- whatever we could think of! We did this for an hour two days in a row!
  2. Hang on the wall or window to help decorate! If you’re looking for more Halloween Decorations check this out!

Halloween Mural 2 Final

(The corner of the page is missing because my daughter was annoyed that no one was going to the house. So she cut out the family we drew so they could walk to the house.)

Garbage Bag Ghosts

This activity was inspired by our neighbours across the street. Our kids saw them and said, “Can we make those!?!” Yes we can. 😏


Ghost 1

  •  White garbage bags (can be small kitchen ones)
  • Filler (Rags, newspaper, other garbage bags, etc. It’s better if it’s light or it may show through the bag.)
  • Twist Ties, string or elastics
  • Black Marker
  • String


  1. Fill the bags a quarter full with your filler.
  2. Shape it into a ball.Ghost 2
  3. Wrap the Twist tie around the bottom.Ghosts 3
  4.  Draw a ghost face on the ball.
  5. Hang this last-minute Halloween decoration from tree branches.Ghosts from FB

What Fun! It’s so great to be able to grab even a few minutes of craft time with my kids.  I hope you and your kids have a few spare seconds to enjoy these last-minute Halloween Activities, too!

Happy Halloween!

Pinterest Halloween Activities Final


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