DIY Wreath

It’s the time of year to hang a wreath on your door. You know, the one with twisted grape vine and fall flowers. The excellent news is that a lot of fall decor is on sale right now, so that pricey wreath that you’ve always had your eye on is attainable! The better news is that you can make your own for a fraction of that cost! Take a look! (This wreath and pictures were made by my sister, Nicole. I was supposed to help, but my baby needed some Mummy time, so I took her on a walk. By the time we got back it was done! And Nicole was so impressed with herself- it was adorable!)


  • pre-made Grape Vine Wreath
  • decorations such as flowers, animal figurines, pine cones, ornamental grasses or gourds, text
  • glue gun and glue


Mom Wreath glue

Mom Wreath WordWreath birdMom Wreath Finished

So what do you think? Totally beautiful, right? And totally manageable! I look at this wreath and think it would be upwards of $75 in a shop. But Nicole figures that, with Thanksgiving decor sales and her Michael’s 50% off coupon, this cost her less than $25 to make! That’s just one thing to be thankful for!

Wreath fianl

Pinterest Wreath Final


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