Last-Minute Halloween Activities

So you've checked out our Last-Minute Halloween Costumes and our Last-Minute Halloween Decorations. Now it's time for our Last-Minute Halloween Activities. These can be done very quickly with common craft supplies! And it's a good thing too, because Halloween is TOMORROW!! Yay!  Colouring Contest: Supplies: Markers, pencil crayons and/or crayons Printer Paper Computer Printer Instructions: Choose a Halloween colouring  … Continue reading Last-Minute Halloween Activities

Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

So, it's 5 days before Halloween and your kids are getting so excited! But're're stressed. "How is it possibly 5 days before Halloween??? How can I get into the spirit (pun intended) of things????" But First We Craft to the rescue with quick, easy, fun, child-friendly Halloween Decorations! This Halloween Display is made … Continue reading Last-Minute Halloween Decorations