Father’s Day Personalized Mug Wrap – Free Printable!

Don’t kids just say the funniest and cutest things? If you ask the right questions you can get amazing answers! I love to hear what my kids have to say about my husband and I, and Mother’s and Father’s Day are each an excellent opportunity to get a record of some of those little thoughts! We completed the Free Printable Personalized Mother’s Day Mug Wrap almost a month ago, and I thought it might be nice to make them for Dad too!

All you have to do to turn this Father’s Day dream into a reality is

  1. Download and print the Free Printable, cut them apart (There are three mug wraps to a page)
  2. Have you children fill in the answers, or help them to fill it in
  3. Have your children colour the letters (on second thought they should do that first if they’re little so they don’t colour over your writing. Then you can write around their colouring!
  4. Tape the Mug wrap somewhere delightful for Dad to find it – it doesn’t have to be on a mug!

She refused to give me a proper smile here. She just kept giving me cheekier after cheekier expression.🤷‍♀️

First I’ll show the little kids version, though you can decide for yourself which version is best for your children. I think this is fun for little kids because they say crazy things like their Dad is 100. Always interesting to hear a kids perspective!

To download this free printable just click the download button below:

The questions for the little kids Father’s Day Mug Wrap are:

I love my Dad’s

My Dad’s stronger than:

My Dad is ___ years old

My Dad’s hair is:

My Dad always say:

My Dad and I like to:

I love my Dad more than:

And this is the Free Printable Personalized Father’s Day Mug Wrap for bigger kids. I like this for bigger kids because it basically is also words of affirmation for your child. For example the question, “My Dad thinks I’m good at:” allows you to see a bit of what your kids think YOU think of them.

To download this free Father’s Day Printable click the “Download” button below.

The Questions for the Big Kids Mug Wrap are:

My Dad loves me more than:

My Dad thinks I’m good at:

I love my Dad’s

My Dad always says:

My Dad and I like to:

I love my Dad more than:

Okay, so where should you put these awesome little tokens of affection? Here are just a few ideas, if you have more excellent ideas let me know in the comments!

  • Bottle of beer or can of pop
  • Around cutlery
  • Water bottle
  • Sports equipment (tennis racquet, bike handles, hockey stick)
  • Video game controller
  • Steering wheel
  • Tea cup
  • Instrument (Guitar, violin, etc. neck, brass bell, etc.)
  • Weights
  • Mug of coffee
  • As a bookmark
  • Juice glass
  • Pillow
  • Bottle of wine

Don’t delay! Print this right now, and get cracking! The amazing news is that this Father’s Day DIY is super quick and easy and can make an excellent last-minute gift. So whether you fill it out today, or on the morning of Father’s Day, it’s sure to make Dad smile and be so happy! Make your father feel special this Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!!


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