Cardboard Box Kitchen

So my Mum is a genius...not sure if I've mentioned that fact here before. If you want to see a picture of her pretty little face then click the following link to see a craft that she made with my kids: DIY Scarecrow. We took a little holiday with my parents in November, renting a … Continue reading Cardboard Box Kitchen


DIY Top Hat

For our old fashioned tea party we made first class head coverings. Girls = fascinators and the boys = top hats. The boys loved their top hats! I expected them take them off as soon as I wasn't looking, but they wore them way longer than the girls wore their fascinators! These top hats make great magician hats, gentlemen's top hats or Leprechaun hats for St. Patrick's Day!

Quiet Time – For all ages!

With all the upheaval to the school system lately, what can parents do to help their children keep calm? What can help parents to get some precious, and hard-to-come-by alone time? The answer is excellent, and completely doable: Quiet Time. Beneficial to both parents and children, and accessible to all! Come read about all the tips and tricks we use to make Quiet Time a dream in our home!

Victorian Christmas Wreath

A Dickensian Christmas🎄 I have seen A Christmas Carol almost every year on Christmas Eve since I was around 10-years-old. I have never, however, read the book. This year I decided to read the book to my children as our Christmas Season homeschooling novel study. (Side recommendation: Whenever we read stories for school I always … Continue reading Victorian Christmas Wreath