Free Printable Easter Trivia


Happy Easter! Only three more sleeps until Easter weekend, and my family couldn’t be more excited! We’re looking forward to going to church twice (including sharing communion!), having our Easter egg hunt (including resurrection eggs), eating special foods (including our Rice Krispie Eggs – stay tuned!), celebrating Passover (check out this post and then this post for more details!) and having lots and lots of family time!

I’ve been trying to teach (or refresh my previous teaching!) my kids the details of the Biblical story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. I’ve taught them the stories, then asked them question after question to see if the info has stuck. It’s pretty adorable when the 4-year-old gets the answers right before her big brother and sister (The memorable one she got right was, “Into which city did Jesus ride on a donkey?” The big two guessed all kinds of cities like Jericho, Bethlehem and even Bethany. But the little one got the prize with Jerusalem). She is a constant reminder for me to never underestimate what those little minds can comprehend! Astounding!

It’s so important for us to teach our children about Jesus, and what he did for us. I remember taking my kids to church one Easter Sunday morning several years ago, and my children had no idea what was going on, or why we were celebrating! So now it is my mission (among many others) to teach them all about Easter (you can check out the beginning of that process by checking out this post: 12 ways to Prepare for Easter)

Anyway, I thought to add to the fun of Easter weekend we could have a trivia game. I adore trivia. Adore it. And so far my kids seem to be following suit. I thought you and your family may enjoy this game, too – and it’s not just designed for kids either. Your friends and family may enjoy this Bible based Easter Trivia game, too!

All you have to do is download the files, print them out (I recommend that you print it on white card stock) and then cut out the cards!

Here’s page one of my Bible Easter Trivia:

To download and print it just click on the “Download” button below!

And Here’s Page 2!

To print page 2 of my Free Printable Easter Trivia click the “Download” button below!

There are so many ways to use these cards!

  • take turns asking questions in a leisurely manner, no need to keep score (this is a good option for our youngest players)
  • play with an outlined prize for the winners (see what passions come out then!)
  • have one Master Questioner
  • make teams (maybe parents against kids? boys against girls? taller people against shorter? January-June birthdays against July-December? The possibilities are endless)
  • play using a game board like Monopoly. Every time you get an answer right you get to roll again; first one around the board wins
  • one team member goes against a member of the opposite team for each question
  • if you have a Sunday School class, or a big family, you might want to try Around the World
  • write dollar amounts on the back and set it up like Jeopardy!

I mostly used the book of Matthew to make these questions, but I also flipped between the gospels a bit if I were looking for a detail that isn’t in Matthew. If you are unfamiliar with the story, or want a refresher, you can read it by clicking here: Matthew 26 – 28.

I hope you have a very exciting yet relaxing Easter weekend, and that you have time to reflect upon all that Christ did for each one of us when he died on the cross to pay the price for our sinful ways. Praise the Lord! and He is Risen!!


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