Rice Krispie Easter Egg Treats!

Hello Everyone! Here’s a tasty Easter treat to get you in the celebratory mood! This simple Rice Krispie Treat recipe takes on an Easter twist today! When you make these Rice Krispie Eggs you will not only have them coloured, but also each one can be many different colours! This is a great fine motor treat for little ones, and a quick Easter Recipe if you don’t have much time – or hate to cook!

To start you’ll need a basic Rice Krispie Treat recipe. To get the recipe directly from the source click here: Rice Krispies Official Site. Or you can clip it out of the inside of the cereal box – that’s where I got mine!


  • Rice Krispie Treats recipe
  • Marshmallows
  • Butter or Margarine
  • Food Colouring
  • Lots and lots of bowls! We had one medium sized one for each colour of Rice Krispies we were making, and one small one for each person
  • Water
  • Rubber gloves (optional) I used them so I wouldn’t get my hands all gross, but they were too big for the kids
  • Spoons


  1. Put the butter or margarine in the bottom of each bowl.

2. Divide the marshmallows between each bowl, and microwave one at a time.

3. Mix the food colouring into the marshmallows BEFORE you add the Rice Krispies. Stirring the food colouring into the marshmallow helps make a more uniform colour, no splotches of dark. We added a drop of blue into the purple bowl after already adding the Rice Krispies in order to make it a deeper purple. It worked, but it was a lot harder to stir in than if we’d added it at the beginning.

4. Assemble your eggs! Mix and match whatever colour combinations you want and shape into an Easter Egg! You can make patterns, or have all the colours squished together. I made, mostly unsuccessfully, one egg that was blue with yellow spots. The sky is the limit!

Helpful Tip:

Here’s where you need your small bowls of water. This will be a very tricky, sticky snack if you don’t use this brilliant tip, for which I deserve no credit, except maybe that of messenger. Years ago, I watched my sister-in-law make Rice Krispie Squares in a pan. When it came to smoothing down the top she first dipped a spoon in water so it wouldn’t stick to the squares. Brilliant. So here we are today: Before grabbing away at those Rice Krispies first coat your hands in a VERY thin layer of water. Each time you add a colour repeat the process. This way you can work away without getting all stuck. You can see below, my daughter has clean not sticky hands, though she has a handful of Krisp. Another note: I thought my youngest was getting a little carried away with the water – her hands were practically dripping BUT the Rice Krispie Eggs did not turn out mushy at all. Here eggs ended up just like everyone else’s: perfection!

We had the big bowls of the coloured Rice Krispie mix in the middle of the table, then each participant had their own bowl of warm water right in front of them. I think this will reduce spills, and it kind of grossed me out, the thought of having to put my hand into someone else’s cloudy bowl…maybe it’s just me.

Shaping it into an egg can be tricky for little ones. Just have them place their finished Rice Krispie Easter Egg on a cutting board or bowl, and then you can finish shaping them later.

5. Enjoy!! This is a delicious treat! Especially with a nice cup of tea…Mmmm!

If you don’t bake or cook with your kids, this is a great place to start. There’s very little opportunity for messing up, and no hot stoves or ovens (although pulling the bowls out of the microwave may get a bit toasty). I let each child be in charge of one colour. They counted out their marshmallows, microwaved it themselves, put in the drops of food colouring, stirred, put in the Rice Krispies (which I measured, but you could let them do that too!) and stirred again. Then we all shared the colours when it was time to assemble. It was great fun!


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