DIY Palm Tree

This is another teaser for my Robinson Crusoe Party! Hopefully it will get you excited about the party post which is coming soon! This week I helped plan a Woodland Theme baby shower for my sister, who is expecting her first little baby (that post will be coming shortly too), so it was a pretty busy week!

My son helped me make these trees. I cannot express to you how much it excites me and warms my heart when my son wants to craft with me! And he is getting so big now that he’s an actual help. He could use the staple gun himself! I was so proud of himđź’–.


  • Green bristol board
  • Scissors
  • Moving Tape
  • Brown paper (I used the brown paper that comes in a package)
  • 2 x 4 (We made two trees. One was about three feet high, the other was more like ten. I let my son choose the boards and I was more than a little surprised when he came upstairs with such an enormous piece of wood! When we tried to stand the completed tree up in the living room we almost gauged a hole in the ceiling! Oops!)
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Hot Wheels track


  1. Cut out leaves from a piece of green bristol board. For ours, we got three leaves out of one piece of bristol board.

2. Cut the leaves so they look like palm fronds. I found that the easiest way to do this is to cut a diamond shape at the tip of the leaf and then follow those angles all the way along the leaf. Leave about an inch uncut down the centre of your leaf.

3. Crumple up the brown paper. This will give it the rugged, rough look of palm tree bark. At this step you will also need to cut/rip up the brown paper. Each piece needs to be about five inches high, and be wide enough to fit around your 2 x 4 loosely. Rip the top edge of each piece to keep it looking rough.

(Look at my sign in the background! I LOVE it! For the tutorial on how to make this yourself click HERE.

4. Using your staple gun staple the “bark” to the tree. We wrapped it around very loosely and used one staple per side to hold it on. We started at the top and worked our way down.

5. Tape the Hot Wheels tracks onto the leaves. I put one piece of tape at each end of the track, and lined up the track with the edge of the paper.

6. Staple gun the leaves onto the top of the 2 x 4. I stapled right through the track. The staple fit in the middle of the track, so the holes shouldn’t prevent any car from racing down the track. The track can go right back to it’s glory days; livin’ the dream.

I put the palm trees on either side of a blanket hanging over the fence. The blanket was a waterfall (obviously), and I pooled another navy blue waterfall at the bottom. I then put my daughter’s blue and white lace princess dress on the “pool” to be the waterfall foam. We grabbed the coral reef that we made for her Mermaid Party and put it at the edge of the pool to complete the set. I was so happy with how these trees turned out! They would look great in a pirate party, a beach party or a Moana party. If you made them let me know in the comments what your theme was, okay? Happy Crafting!


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