Rainy Day Sidewalk Chalk

April showers bring May flowers! Usually I look forward to the May flowers, and not so much the April showers. But now, because I’ve discovered this beauty of an activity, I hope this post catches you in time to take full advantage of those April showers! You know those beautiful rainy days? Maybe they’re beautiful because they’re warm. Or maybe they’re beautiful because the sun is shining through. Or maybe the rain is over and the rainbow, that wonderful symbol of God’s promise, is filling the sky. Whatever the reason, despite the wet, we want to be outside! BUT maybe the reality of the situation sets in. You want your kids to stay out of the mud and puddles. Who needs all that laundry and wiping up of floors? Well, we had one of those beautiful yet I’m-afraid-of-the-mess days. Fortunately for us, when we went outside we found that we had left our sidewalk chalk out, and it had been rained on all night. At first I was really annoyed. (How many times do I have to ask them to put things away…) But then we decided, since it was ruined anyway, to play with it in the rain- and oh, what fun we had!

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We began our fun by writing with the soft chalk. The combination of chalk and water made something like a thick paste of colour. We jumped on our pictures and dragged our feet across them to watch the colours blend together. Sometimes we would guess what colour it would make after it blended together. Sometimes it was really nice, but sometimes…

When our chalk dissolved in the rain there were lots of pieces that were little bits, but some sizable chunks too. So we’d take a bigger chunk of chalk, and rub it against little bits. The colour explosion was fantastic!

See how thick that chalk paste is?!

The kids got pretty messy during this activity, but we just rubbed our hands on the wet grass and most of it came off! What a great rainy day activity! (WARNING: My kids put those chalk-filthy hands on the side of our white house, and because the rain doesn’t often hit there the prints are still there! I’ll have to actually wash them off. All the rest of the mess art we made washed away no problem)

And the whole gang can get involved!

I hope you can get out there and enjoy the spring weather. Is there anything you love to do in the rain? Is there another way you make artwork outside? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!


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