Yarn Pumpkin Craft

It’s Fall! And that means all things PUMPKIN! This adorable Pumpkin yarn craft is perfect for kids and adults!  (Kids may need some help wrapping the yarn at the end to fill in the gaps)

pumpkins suppliesSupplies:

  • Newspaper
  • Sock
  • Orange Yarn (the chunkier it is the less you’ll have to wrap)
  • Artificial Leaf
  • One thick stick or several small sticks


pumpkin form sock

  1. Turn sock inside out, then fold the top over to make a bowl.

pumpkin stuff

2. Stuff full of crumpled newspaper, being sure to maintain a ball shape.

pumpkin start wrap

3. Fold the yarn into where the sock folds over.

Pumpkin wrap

4. Wrap Yarn around and around. Don’t try to fill in all the gaps at the first time around, you can go around as many times as you need.

pumpkin glue

5. Put a dab of hot glue in the yarn at the bottom. Don’t do the top yet, or it will be more difficult to glue in the stick and leaf.

pumpkin stick and leaf

5. Push your stick and leaf into the yarn, and hot glue in place. We also glued the leaf about halfway down so it would lie against the pumpkin.

Aren’t they so cute!? The boys loved them (my son loved his so much he slept with it that night!). For a Halloween effect try gluing on black card stock or construction paper faces- and be sure to show me how your Yarn Pumpkins turned out!

Yarn Pumpkins Pinterest





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