Watermelon Happy Faces

kids eating

It was my turn to have the cousins over yesterday (always a blast!), and I knew it was supposed to be a brilliantly beautiful day so we would be outside for most of it. I love to incorporate crafts into any area I can, so I decided that we would try to make our snack a craft. I opted for watermelon faces.  My sister also suggested that the kids could make them into pizzas, so the end products were spectacularly varied-and DELICIOUS!



  • Watermelon, sliced to make big circles. You may want to cut off the rind.
  • Fruit- we used strawberries, blueberries, bananas and cherries. Cherries may have been a mistake. The kids pulled them apart and made a huge mess!
  • Safe Knives. We used butter knives.
  • Whipped Cream-to use as glue, hair, and whatever else the kids want. We put an adult on this job!


  1. Give each child a slice of watermelon and a knife. You can divide the fruit up or just use a communal plate.
  2. Let them slice and decorate their “face” or “pizza” to their heart’s content. But tell them that they have to eat whatever they put on their watermelon.
  3. Eat!!!more creating


We had so much fun being creative! And the results were amazing!Girls with watermelon20180717_152009

The oldest kid made the biggest mess eating it. Nobody saw that coming.

We just hosed her off.

Eat it 2

Did you try it? What did you think? Fun, right?



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