House Points

We are a very Harry family. Harry Potter, that is. So when we needed a new plan for improving attitude and behaviour in our house I decided to to try out the method used at Hogwarts: House Points. Each child starts the week with ten jewels. Whenever they do anything excellent they get a house point (for example: doing something kind, having a great attitude, quick obedience). If they do anything inadvisable they lose a house point. On Friday night we count the points. Whichever child has the most gets to pick the movie for Family Movie Night, and everyone receives a dime for every jewel they have. Our kids rarely got more than 15 jewels, but you could have a graduated system where they get an extra snack with their movie if they get 20 jewels and get to stay up later if they get 30 jewels, etc.House Points 6


  • Wine Glasses
  • Jewels
  • Card Stock
  • Markers
  • Tape
  • Scissors

House Points 5


  1. Draw an outline of a badge.
  2. Have the children colour them however they want.House Points 4
  3. Cut it out. (It’s easier for them to colour it if you cut it out after it’s coloured).House Points 3
  4. Roll pieces of tape and put on the back of the paper.House Points 2
  5. Stick Badges onto the glass.
  6. Put ten jewels into each glass.House Points 1

All you have to do now is add jewels! Hopefully you won’t have to take away too many!


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