Paper Boats

20180630_084339Almost my whole family went camping this past weekend at Grundy Provincial Park: Nana, Papa, 3 aunts, 3 uncles and 8 cousins, ages 1 to 11.  It was supposed to feel like 40 degrees and be sunny, so we were quite shocked when an enormous thunderstorm rolled through at 1:30 in the morning and made the late morning overcast and cool. We needed to change our plans super quick, not having the scorching heat and sun we were anticipating. My brilliant 10-year-old niece is a total crafter too, so she came  up with the idea that we should all fold paper boats and sail them on the enormous puddle that materialized on the road beside our site. So we piled into my sister’s trailer and began folding many little pieces of paper. We tried looking up instructions on how to fold a paper boat (like the one on the butfirstwecraft logo!!!!) but couldn’t find any that we could follow. So we took to making up our own. It was so much fun, and the kids (and some of us adults) had a blast testing them out!


  • Paper
  • Puddle, natural water or a bucket of water20180630_084227


  1. Hand out one sheet of paper to each participant.


  1. Attempt to fold paper into a passable boat. Fail.
  2. Try again…and again.20180630_083515
  3. Tell all all the children that they’re doing great and you’re sure it will float.
  4. Go and find out if it does!20180630_08434720180630_08415920180630_084144




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