🦇Spooky House Pictionary – 👻Free Printable Game🎃

Happy Halloween!! Today I have a brand new game to show you that I made up this morning.

I am nothing if not a procrastinator so, of course, I’m going to think of, make, try-out, and post my Halloween activity just two days before Halloween🤦‍♀️. But, I must say, it’s a pretty awesome game, and it’s just in time to play with your kids after school today to kick off the weekend, or to save for an impromptu Halloween party (or if you’ve actually planned a Halloween party – imagine planning ahead! – you can play it there!).

The supplies for this Halloween Spooky game are all common household items, so you’ll likely have everything you need right at your fingertips!

We played it as a family during my husband’s work break this morning. (finishing it after he had to go back). It was so much fun! This game is great for families because every clue has a picture and a word, so even kids who can’t read can play.

Another lovey bonus of this spook-tacular game is that when the game is over you have a nice Halloween picture to hang on your wall!

I’m confident that it’ll also be excellent for an adult Halloween party, but you may want to throw in a few harder to draw clues to make it more difficult. I gave you some trickier suggestions down below😉.

Prepare the Game:

  1. Click on the Free Printable links at the bottom of this page.
  2. Cut apart the clues and put them in a pile, picture side down.
  3. Get a white board, poster board, bulletin board, butcher paper, or anything big enough to make a mural.
  4. Get markers, crayons, etc. with which to draw.
  5. Draw two basic houses on the board. That’s it! You’re ready to play Halloween Pictionary!

How to Play:

The first player picks a card and starts to draw.

All other players try to guess what player one is drawing.

When the clue is correctly guessed (or the members have given up) the next player picks their card while player one finishes their picture. Remember, part of the fun is having a completed mural to hang up as part of your Halloween decorations.

Continue until all the cards have been chosen.

It is completely up to you if you want to have teams or keep score. We didn’t do either. Each person could just choose which house they wanted to draw on.

Make it Trickier!

If you want to add some more difficult clues you might want to try these out:

  • goblin
  • skeleton
  • monster
  • Frankenstein
  • skull
  • rat
  • owl
  • cemetery
  • zombie
  • vampire
  • witch on broom
  • mummy
  • werewolf
  • a grim

Our Finished Picture:

Now, without further ado, here are the printables!

To download Page 1 click the link below:

To download Page 2 click the link below:

What my kids had to say:

“Some stuff was hard, like the pumpkin was hard, also the clouds, and the cat, but the game was still really fun. I liked that I didn’t have to read. I could just look at the picture.”

– 5-year-old Daughter

“It was amazing, really amazing! It was a nice picture.”

10-year-old Son

“I loved it! ‘Cause nothing was too hard for me.”

– 6-year-old Daughter

I hope you enjoy playing as much as we did! Enjoy your family time this weekend as you have a Happy Halloween!


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