🦇Spooky House Pictionary – 👻Free Printable Game🎃

Happy Halloween!! Today I have a brand new game to show you that I made up this morning. I am nothing if not a procrastinator so, of course, I'm going to think of, make, try-out, and post my Halloween activity just two days before Halloween🤦‍♀️. But, I must say, it's a pretty awesome game, and … Continue reading 🦇Spooky House Pictionary – 👻Free Printable Game🎃

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Bag

Halloween is this weekend! WooHoo! While this year may look very different out there on the street, we're still going to give Trick-or-Treating a go. We always give the kids some reusable shopping bags for their candy, but this year we're going to DIY our own Halloween Bags. The idea is to reuse some of … Continue reading DIY Halloween Pumpkin Bag