Bee and Honey Party

How to plan a Bee and Honey Party when you only have 24 hours notice!

As I told you in the tutorial for the Meadow Craft my Mum and I planned a Bee and Honey Party for her Sunday School Class. Today I’ll give you the rest of the details so you can host this lovely Sunday School Class Party yourself, or you can take some of these ideas to host a party to support bees. I learned on Sustain that bees are responsible for pollinating around 1/3 of all food that we consume and on Premier Tech Home and Garden I learned that one of Ontario’s most common bees has recently become an endangered species. The bees need our help!


My Mum asked for my help with this party on Saturday morning and the party was on Sunday morning, so we didn’t get too heavy into the decorations, but I think what we had was still lovely!

  1. Balloon Bees: We saw this cute little idea from Balloon Time. We made a couple little changes, though. We used paint for the stripes, but permanent marker for the face. For the wings we just rounded out a piece of tissue paper, gathered the centre and taped it on. We then taped the wings onto the bees’ backs. It would have been adorable to actually have them floating around as Balloon Time suggests, but we didn’t have time to do that, and I think they were still very effective taped to the wall.

2. Tables: We used white table cloths and white and clear disposable dishes for easy tidy-up and a fresh, clean look. We put little bear-shaped honey bottles on each table for the centrepieces and scattered the flowers that would, at the end of the party, be used for the craft all over the table.

3. My niece made this lovely picture for the screen to welcome all the guests into the party.

4. We set up this very small and simple display at the front of the room. The flower box lids were from something like the marker boxes, the centrepiece is the craft example and the honey is, well, honey.


The first thing we did was hand out the light snack.

We made lemonade and added sliced strawberries, lemon and lime to make it beautiful.

My Mum made buns the night before and we served them warm and drizzled with honey. Yummmm


Bible Story:

Photo by Luis Quintero on

While the kids had their snack they were told the Bible story. Do you remember last week I asked you to guess which Bible story we used to teach about using sweet words? You also had a chance to guess on Instagram and Facebook. (If you’re not already following there go right now and check it out!) The answer is (da da daaaa): Ruth. Ruth said sweet words to Naomi, and Boaz said sweet words to Ruth. To read the story for yourself it’s very easy. Just find the book of Ruth in the Old Testament in the Bible. It’s only four chapters long, and it’s a nice little story! Here it is for you on Bible Gateway.


Photo by Hiếu Hoàng on

We showed the kids a short video about bees; how they make honey, how hard they work, etc.

Object Lessons:

There were two object lessons for our party. The first was for the verse, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if working for the Lord not for men.” Colossians 3:23. We saw how hard the bees worked and learned a lesson from them. We should work hard too, and when we do, we are doing it for the Lord, not for men.

The second object lesson was for the verse, “Kind words are like honey. Sweet to the soul and healthy to the body,” Proverbs 16:24. We all agreed that honey was sweet and delicious and made us happy. We talked about how saying nice things to each other made us feel the same way! The children had already had their honey on a biscuit so it was fresh in their minds how lovely it was! It’s a simple idea that when you say something nice to someone it not only makes them feel good, but it makes you feel good too. It’s good for your soul when you say nice things. You have to be aware of the words you say and how you say it.

Bee Trivia:

We searched Google to find facts about bees and honey to share with the kids. One great site is Golden Blossom Honey. There are so many interesting facts to choose from, like “It take 35 pounds of honey to provide enough energy for a small colony of bees to survive the winter.”


We ended with a craft. This craft uses a strawberry basket, green tissue paper, artificial flowers, a bee and a sign with the Bible verse on it. For the tutorial of this craft (and additional supplies) please click here.

Party Favour:

We sent the happy children on their way with honey sticks. If you’re not familiar with honey sticks (like me prior to the party – this was one of my Mum’s ideas!) they are like Pixy Stix, but are filled with honey instead of coloured sugar.

Do you have any great ideas for a Bee and Honey Party? Especially last-minute party ideas? I’d love to hear them!


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