The Family Chop

Get the Whole Fam in on Meal Prep! Photo by Pixabay on I think it's important that we teach our kids how to help out at home. We need to prepare them for the life ahead of them, and while it takes way longer and is never done the way we want it, we … Continue reading The Family Chop

Quiet Time – For all ages!

With all the upheaval to the school system lately, what can parents do to help their children keep calm? What can help parents to get some precious, and hard-to-come-by alone time? The answer is excellent, and completely doable: Quiet Time. Beneficial to both parents and children, and accessible to all! Come read about all the tips and tricks we use to make Quiet Time a dream in our home!

Chinese New Year Tradition: Red Envelopes

Photo by Andrew Haimerl on I have never really given much thought to Chinese New Year. As far as I know my ancestors were British, Irish and German - and I was born and raised in Canada. I knew nothing about Chinese New Year two weeks ago - other than that it takes place … Continue reading Chinese New Year Tradition: Red Envelopes