Tornado in a Jar

Tornado in a Jar with Logo

We are homeschooling our son this year. We had a great morning doing his reading and math curriculum. It’s not always, but this morning was awesome! My son asked when we were finished, if we could do a craft. So we looked through my pins on Pinterest to see if there was a good one, which of course there was. We decided to try this one: tornado in a jar.  I loved the educational value of it too. We pinned it from The little girls made one, too!


  • Dish soap (blue or clear soap will keep the colour better)
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Blue Food Colouring
  • Perfectly Round Jar (I first used an almost perfectly round jar, and it worked, but not excellently. Don’t skip this step and think any old jar will work!!! Learn from my very frustrating mistake!!)


*We didn’t actually measure anything and it turned out well.20180913_104437-14559478998028132052.jpg

  1. Fill your jar with water, about an inch from the top20180913_104545-1391044768622791095.jpg
  2. Squeeze in about a teaspoon of dish soap.20180913_104631-12258053153639753389.jpg
  3. Put in a couple drops of food colouring20180913_104835-19113160699089612198.jpg
  4. Pour in about a tablespoon of vinegar20180913_110542-18951506630807863052.jpg
  5. Put the lid on tight and, holding it by the lid, swirl it around in circles.20180913_111609-12486916525188893364.jpg
  6. When you stop moving it a tornado will appear for a brief amount of time.

We ended off our little experiment by reading about tornadoes, on Weather Wiz Kids and on National Geographic Kids, to give the kids some education on real tornadoes. They really loved it!


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